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The 5 Best Car Apps - Satisfaction With MySubaru Is Now Among The Top

What is the MySubaru app, and how does it work? A new report from J.D. Power says the Subaru app is among the best of 32 car brands.

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If you buy a 2022 Subaru Forester, Outback, Crosstrek, or other new Subaru model, the MySubaru app is available for customers. According to a new report from J.D. Power, the MySubaru app is among the best of 32 car brands.

Among the 32 car brands benchmarked in the J.D. Power U.S. OEM ICE Benchmark study, the top-performing mobile apps are Tesla, Volvo Cars, MyHyundai, Genesis Intelligent Assistant, and MySubaru. Power says Tesla was included in this ICE study "because of its technology leadership and is considered a benchmark for all automotive mobile apps."

2022 Subaru Forester, 2022 Subaru Crosstrek, 2022 Subaru Outback

The study gauges the owner's experience with their car's mobile app. Results are based on a standardized evaluation approach relying on more than 250 best practices for vehicle apps. Insights are derived from surveying new vehicle owners and "an expert benchmarking assessment of the most relevant mobile apps," according to Power.

The expert benchmarking includes apps from 32 car brands that sell vehicles in the U.S. The usage survey data represents 1,000 owners who said they had used their app. The study was fielded in November 2021.

2022 Subaru Forester, 2022 Subaru Crosstrek, 2022 Subaru Outback

Key findings include the percentage of vehicle owners using the app of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) continues to increase year over year, with 38 percent of respondents indicating that they use the app at least half of the time that they drive.

J.D. Power is working with vehicle manufacturers to improve the user experience of the brand's app, given that it's related to the third-most problematic feature cited by owners in the J.D. Power 2021 U.S. Initial Quality Study (IQS).

In the IQS study, J.D. Power said car brand quality improved 2 percent from the 2020 study, and Subaru improved from last year's 187/PP100 score to 182/PP100 in 2021. But Subaru is still well below the industry average of 162/PP100 (a lower score is best).

In 2021, Subaru improved and was ranked ninth from the bottom. To put it in perspective, Lincoln, Porsche, GMC, Honda, Jaguar, BMW, Infiniti, Cadillac, and Mazda also scored below the industry average.

What is the MySubaru app, and what does it do?

The MySubaru app connects customers with their Subaru Forester, Outback, Crosstrek, or other new models. Owners can monitor their vehicle's health, schedule service, access owner resources, and use Starlink safety and security controls like remote start and lock from a smartphone.

MySubaru app users can utilize Subaru Starlink for subscribed vehicles, access vehicle service reminders, and stay up to date with Subaru events "with a swipe and a tap," says Subaru.

Does the MySubaru app cost anything?

All Subaru owners can use the MySubaru app to access features like tracking your service history, accessing owner's manuals and how-to videos, scheduling service, and locating your nearest Subaru Certified Service Center free of charge.

Advanced features including remote start, remote lock/unlock, vehicle locator, real-time vehicle health notifications, and 24-hour roadside assistance require a Subaru Starlink subscription ($99).

If you buy a 2022 Subaru Forester, Outback, Crosstrek, or other new Subaru model, J.D. Power says the MySubaru app is ranked one of the five best among 32 car brands.

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