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3 Ways You Can Stop the GT-R Fast

Do you want to stop faster? Brembo has announced 3 new braking options available for the Nissan GT-R.

When you have a performance car like the Nissan GT-R it’s one thing to go fast, but it’s even more important to be able to bring the machine to a stop quickly on the street or track. That’s where Brembo comes in. The high-performance brake manufacturer has come up with three new brake options for the 2009-2015 Nissan GT-R. It’s all about safety.

Without good stopping performance, you won’t be safe on the road or track. Brembo braking systems are designed and built to reduce the stopping distance of the GT-R, contributing to safer driving. A few feet can make all the difference between being safe and a potentially dangerous situation. Here’s three GT-R options to keep you safe on the street or track.

2012-2015 GT-R Option 1

The quickest and easiest option is substituting the front 380mm discs with oversized Brembo discs that measure 405mm. More surface equals increased stopping performance. You don’t need to replace the original caliper, just the bracket. Brembo says this is critical for repositioning the caliper and the two front discs properly. The larger size offers an increase in braking torque and greater heat dissipation, which also is due to the hat in aluminum alloy. It comes in cross-drilled or slotted.

2009-2015 GT-R Option 2

This option is a complete kit that replaces the front discs with an oversized pair (405mm), and the calipers are replaced too. Brembo is able to reduce the absorption of brake fluid with improved rigidity in the calipers and the use of metal-braided hoses. According to Brembo, this leads to improved, more stable brake pedal pressure, making it possible to modulate braking force more precisely and enhancing pedal feel. It results in more “alert and decisive braking” on the street and track according to the company.

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Brembo also offers a third brake kit where you don’t need to use a complete kit like option 2. Just replace the old calipers with billet-machined calipers. These GT-R calipers are nickel-plated to ensure protection from corrosion and offer quality performance. Brembo guarantees more aggressive braking for both street use and on the track.

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Performance enthusiasts own a Nissan GT-R because the car is a machine that will go faster than most other factory sports cars. With upgraded brakes from Brembo, you can bring the high-performance Godzilla to a stop even quicker and safely.

Source: Brembo

Image source: Nissan