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Video: 2016 BMW 340i M Performance MPPK bumps up power significantly

The new top 3 Series model, 2016 BMW 340i is at the SEMA Show and new M Performance parts will bump up the hp significantly.


BMW brought a large display of BMW M Performance Parts to the SEMA Show with M4, M2 and BMW 340i parts for show attendees. According to reports from BMW BLOG, BMW told them the new 2016 340i will get it’s own line of M Performance Parts and they will bump up hp significantly.

The BMW 340i 3.0-liter engine replaces the N55 powered 335i and tops the 3 Series gasoline line-up. The stock engine produces 320 hp, a 20 horsepower improvement over the previous model. Peak torque is an impressive 330 lb-ft. With the BMW M Performance Power kit (MPPK), it will bump it up to around 355 horsepower. The torque increase will give the 340i 370 lb-ft of torque.

Listen to the BMW 340i M Performance Power Kit at SEMA from BIMMERPOST.

The stock 2016 BMW 340i is quick and accelerates from 0-60 mph in just 4.8 seconds while the BMW 340i xDrive model takes just 4.6 seconds. All 340i models have an a limited top speed of 155 mph when equipped with performance tires. With the MPPK, the 340i will be even quicker for performance enthusiasts.

The MPPK will be bundled with the M Performance exhaust system for maximum increase in power. A Limited Slip Differential will also be available for those wanting to take the 340i to the track. BMW says the power numbers for the 340i are still preliminary and will be confirmed closer to market launch of the M Performance Power Kit which will arrive sometime in December. The new 2016 BMW 340i with the MPPK will get a significant increase in power. Stay tuned.

Media source: BMW BLOG


Cliff Robinson (not verified)    July 21, 2016 - 1:49PM

What's the latest on availability of the MPPK for the BMW 340i? Final power/torque figures as well.