Tesla News Update With Alex
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Tesla News Update With Alex Covers Solar City Merge and Much More

Tesla expert and early adopter, Alex Guberman brings you the news via video.

This week’s news by Alex Guberman, founder of the Facebook Tesla Model S Owners Club, and current owner of two Teslas has some big updates for fans of the brand.
First up, Alex tells viewers the latest, and perhaps final, news on the merger of Tesla Motors and Solar City. This $2.6 Billion buyout y Tesla of the struggling Solar City was a no-brainer before the election. Will solar be a safe bet for the next four years? Investors will find out soon.

Other news topics this week include:
- New Government regulation requiring EVs to generate a safety tone at low speeds
- Tesla Model S voted most-loved car
- The battery swap plan may have come to an end
- The new Solar Roof Elon Musk is promoting will cost less than a traditional roof to manufacture and install.
- Another stock drop this week for Tesla. Alex tells us how much the stock dropped this week.

Alex produces his outstanding one-minute Tesla Motors’ news videos independent of Torque News. We are pleased to bring them to you, but you can follow Alex directly via Youtube or via the Tesla Model S owners Club on FB.
Check the Torque News Tesla link for more news this week on Tesla including the Bolt bumping the Model S off the Car and Driver 10Best list, and why it happened.

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