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Will 2015 redesign help Toyota Yaris Versa the Fit?

Toyota applies the corporate look to the smallest of its models. Will the look elevate sales as it has other models?

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The 2015 Toyota Yaris gets completely restyled. It will now wear the corporate nose found first on the Avalon, then Corolla, and soon on the 2015 Camry. The look works well on the Yaris and judging by the fact that every model so far that has received this new look we feel it will help Yaris find more buyers.

Yaris Versa Fit
The new Honda Fit is poised to really take off in its segment, and is presently outselling the Yaris by more than 2 to 1. The Nissan Versa, really a small line of subcompacts, is outselling the Yaris by about 8 to 1. The new Fit brings 130 horsepower to the subcompact class, more than the first year 1992 Honda Civic SI had. Is the Yaris bringing a knife to a gun fight with its 106 horsepower? Maybe not. Shoppers in this economy class of cars are not going to make a decision on one factor alone. All these small cars drive in a way that is not exactly inspiring. Yaris might do OK with its older running gear and new duds.

Yaris’ Value
Toyota markets the Yaris as having a high value for the dollar. The base Yaris costs just $14,845 not including destination fees and dealer documentation fees. The mid-trim level Yaris LE with A/C, power windows, keyless entry, cruise control, power mirrors, alloy wheels and an automatic transmission costs $15,945. Add in the destination and doc fees and the top line price is about $ 17K before you begin negotiating.

Yaris’ Challenge
Yaris challenge will be to step out of the shadows with its new look. The Mazda2, Fit, and Versa Note are all strong competitors. There is not a bad car in the bunch, but Toyota does have its strong reputation for quality, durability, and reliability to help customers decide. It also has the single largest car-driving customer base of parents and older siblings to help influence younger buyers.

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