Why KBB Picks 2016 Toyota Prius Over EVs as Favorite
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Why KBB Picks 2016 Toyota Prius Over Tesla Model S as Favorite Fuel Sipper

Like most shoppers, the green vehicle experts at KBB chose a 2016 Toyota Prius hybrid over an EV. We break down the runner-up list to help make sense of this.

The 2016 Toyota Prius tops Kelly Blue Books recent list of 10 Favorite Fuel Sippers. While the Prius is indeed a fuel sipper, and the most popular one in history, that it was ahead of all manner of electric vehicles is what we find notable. The reasons come down to the Prius being more affordable compared to electric vehicles, as we explain below.

The Prius is all new for 2016, and KBB points out that this new model goes beyond just being the fuel sipper many know and love. KBB lists in a succinct fashion what’s new with the 2016 Prius: “Edgy styling. Robust chassis rigidity. Upgraded interior design and furnishings. Improved road manners. Quiet operation.”

On KBB’s list, the 2016 Prius hybrid tops the all-new 2016 Chevy Volt (Chevy is now selling the 2017 model year) extended range electric vehicle (long-range plug-in hybrid). The Volt now has a new look, better range, and is more affordable than ever. The Prius did well to beat this worthy competitor.

The Tesla Model S 70D AWD also trails the 2016 Prius hybrid. While no sane person would ever turn down a new Tesla in trade for a Prius, buying a stripped down base model Tesla Model S takes more than double the money one needs to drive home in a fully-loaded Prius. And since Teslas are more costly to maintain than the Prius, the costs continue to mount after one brings home the Tesla.

The excellent BMW i3 is fourth on KBB’s list. We loved the i3 when we tested it, but with the Prius beating the cost per mile for fuel of EVs in many regions (according to the EPA), why bother with the range limitations?

KBB picks the eGolf and Kia Soul electric next on its list. Both are extremely rare vehicles not likely to be found on most dealer lots. Good luck finding one. The amazing BMW i8 follows. A simply splendid car, if you have $145K to purchase one, do so. The Toyota Miria is KBBs next favorite. As much as we want to sing the Mirai’s praises there is no place to fuel them, so what’s the point?

In ninth place is the Toyota Camry Hybrid. The top-selling midsize hybrid sedan in history is a safe bet. More powerful than base sedans in its class, this is a affordable winner that is hard to find fault with.
The Ford Focus EV is the last vehicle on the KBB list. KBB points out that it is more fun to drive than most of its “competitors.” Which means the Leaf. One EV that did not find a spot on KBB's top-ten list of fuel sippers.

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