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What Would You Pay For a Brand New 1990 Toyota Supra Turbo?

A brand new 1990 Toyota Supra has surfaced for sale. What would you pay?

Nothing excites Toyota sports car fans more than talk of a new Supra. By that we mean a new model Supra to replace the discontinued sports touring coupe. Being close to Toyota, we have no indication that the FT-1 will ever result in a Supra. Sure, the Lexus RC Coupes are basically the same formula as the old Supras, but many want their Supra to be a "real" new Toyota. A dealer in Calgary may have the next best thing.

Country Hills Toyota in Calgary, Alberta Canada has a new 1990 Supra Turbo for sale. The dealership's owner took possession of the car after a buyer took it home but never drove it. The dealership's story of the car says: "Originally the SUPRA was ordered brand new by a gentleman from Cochrane AB, the car was trailered to his residence where he had placed it in his garage for future use. Unfortunately. due to unforeseen circumstances, the car was only driven 1-2 times before the owners had to make a major change and move a great distance away from our little slice of paradise. As a result, he had to let go his still new 90 SUPRA. Once the owner of CHT found this out he quickly gathered the info of the vehicle and proceeded to strike a deal to purchase the SUPRA." The car has been meticulously maintained by the professional dealership staff since.

Expectations are that it will sell for nearly $70,000 (Canadian Dollars), coincidentally, about the same price as a new Lexus RC F. Hanif Kanji of County Hills Toyota told Torque News that a deposit has been placed on the Supra, but that the transaction has not yet been completed.

The story makes us wonder what a fan might value such a car at. We once covered the sale of the World's best Gen-1 Supra and fans thought it might be worth as much as $65K.

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Story Image Courtesy of Toyota USA Media.