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Volvo Dares To Be Different With XC60 T8 E-AWD Inscription

Volvo’s XC60 has a number of unusual design features. Here’s a quick peek at a vehicle that bucks the mainstream.

Volvo’s 2018 XC60 sits squarely in the 2-row luxury crossover sweet spot. It has the right size to be the company’s top-selling vehicle and it is. The XC60 makes up a third of all Volvo sales globally and in the U.S outsells Volvo’s top car model by seven to one. All Volvos have a unique character and that is on full display in the XC 60 T8 E-AWD Inscription. Here are a few of the things that differentiate this Volvo from its peers.

XC 60 T8 E-AWD Inscription – Drivetrain
The XC60 T8 E-AWD Inscription uses a plug-in hybrid drivetrain. It starts with a 2.0-liter gasoline engine that is both supercharged and turbocharged. That set up alone generates about 313 hp. This makes the XC-60 special. Most of the vehicles in this segment have power below 300 hp. Added to that is an electric motor that can boost the power to 400 hp. The EPA rates this drivetrain at 58 MPGe or 26 MPG when operating on gasoline only. Typical crossovers in this segment are rated at about 24 MPG.

XC60 T8 E-AWD Inscription – Interior Design & Ergonomics
Volvo’s heritage is on full display inside the XC 60. Rather than a push-button start, the XC-60 uses a rotary knob on the center console. A twist both starts and shuts off the vehicle. Next is the shifter. Rather than a lever or handle, Volvo opts for a dongle. Two bumps forward gets you Reverse and two bumps back gets you Drive. To access Park you push a button. How that makes any sense is not something we can explain, but it works just fine in practice.

Next up is Volvo’s infotainment system. It uses a vertical rather than horizontal display for the things you need like audio, Nav, and HVAC. Under all of that is a home button. We liked the system in general. It is much easier to use than Acura’s, Lexus’, Mercedes’, or BMW’s remote interphase systems. Simple and clean. Very Scandinavian in its design.

XC60 T8 E-AWD Inscription – Suspension
Our XC60 test vehicle had an air suspension at all four corners. This is very unusual for a road-focused crossover (there is no spare, so this is clearly not an off-road crossover). It worked very well, making the handling sporty, yet smoothing over even very rough roads.

Our tester was priced at $71,580 including its $18,680 in options. Those looking for something unique at the top of the crossover market may find it in the XC60 T8 E-AWD Inscription.