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VIDEO: Kids Explain Why the 2017 Dodge Challenger GT AWD Is So Cool

The 2017 Dodge Challenger GT attracts crowds of adoring fans. We let a 6-year-old explain why he is so crazy for this car.

Fun cars bring out the child in all of us. Nobody plays with Hot Wheel Prius and Leaf cars. We want fun in our lives, and no manufacturer delivers on that with more vehicles than does Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). One of the best examples of fun in the form of a car is the new 2017 Dodge Challenger GT All-Wheel Drive.

Dodge has been very generous to Torque News and we have now enjoyed quality time with the Challenger GT as well as having been fortunate enough to flog the car on a closed winter course. Yes, the Challenger GT can spin the front tires in reverse in case you ever wondered. However, what may be the best fun to be had with these Challenger test cars is to just let the public enjoy them.

The first person to ask me about the Challenger was on day one of my first test. The woman at the gym who checks us in and out, a Jeep Wrangler owner, was standing when I approached and she said: “Is that your car?!” I think it’s the first time she has spoken to me in the years she has been checking me in. Note to self; “If I ever want fit 20-year old women to strike up conversations with me, get a Challenger GT.” She loved the car so much she put out the closed sign for a few minutes to come out and sit in the car.

Then there are the many other Charger and Challenger owners. They surprised me by giving a wave. I thought that was just a Harley thing. Trying to pull out into an impossible situation recently during rush hour I was settling in for a long wait when a Dodge SRT Challenger slowed and held traffic so I could merge in. If I had my Forester I’m sure I’d still be there waiting. I began to pay it forward. You’d be shocked how many Challengers there are in the Metro West Boston area. Maybe it's the all-wheel drive attracting them?

Next up on the fan list, my neighbors. They own a V8 Dodge Durango, so they are no strangers to FCA’s performance lineup. When the six and three-year-olds see the Challenger coming they go completely bananas. I have to budget a good fifteen minutes each time I take it out in case they want to climb in and all over it. Then a short drive. Any car lover with a soul would be happy to spend that time, of course. We all want a new generation of enthusiasts to grow up right.

We’ve gone deep in previous stories here at TN on the Challenger GT AWD. Patrick Rall explained in great detail how the Challenger GT AWD is poised to be a winner. My previous article explained just how smooth and luxurious this muscle car variant is. However, I think the six-year-old in the video really nails why the Challenger GT AWD is so cool. Watch to see his one-word summary. (Video on Page 2)