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Under No Circumstances Can You Buy This Amazing Mazda Miata Wing

The 1990 Mazda Miata in this image will cost you $2500, but your money is no good when it comes to that fabulous wing.

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The good condition 1990 Mazda Miata in the image above is for sale on Craigslist, but under no circumstances, will you be allowed to buy the wing attached to the back. The wing is just too special, and you don't deserve it.

That is the clear message from the owner of this car who wants to sell the '90 Miata with about 200K km on the engine and close to 400k km on the chassis. You can have the car, the engine, the whole shebang, but just don't come askin' about the wing, because you're not going to have it, no matter how fat your stacks.

Based on a Torque News engineering analysis from the images we have available, that wing can generate approximately 907 kilograms of down-force upon the rear of the Miata at 75 km/hr. We may have made an error or two in our calculations converting from metric to freedom units, but we are sure that the wing will prevent any sort of lift all the way to the Miata's top speed of approximately 114 MPH.

Now listen, that wing is not for sale under any scenario. You can come for the car, but the seller is not taking any offers whatsoever for that wing. Are we being clear about that? The seller has also asked that no unsolicited services or offers be part of any communications, so when you call, don't offer to take the wing off, and in fact, just don't ask about the wing.

NA Mazda Miata Fast Facts:
The NA, or first-generation, Mazda Miata was launched in 1990. It originally came with a 1.6-liter engine and four-bolt hubs. It was an overnight sensation and has become an icon of roadster fans worldwide. There was never a wing standard, nor was there ever a wing offered by Mazda as an option.

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Image courtesy of Craigslist.

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