Mazda recalls Mazda6 sedan and Tribute crossover.
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Two Quiet Mazda Recalls Not to Miss on Mazda6 and Tribute

Mazda’s new Mazda6 has blinker issues, and the old Tribute may catch fire.

Mazda has issued two new recalls this past month that owners should be aware of. The first is a recall on the just-released 2017 Mazda6. Only models equipped with optional accessory foglights are included, so that means top trims. Mazda says that it installed the wrong combination switch. The result of this mistake is that the turn signals may not be canceled with a turn of the wheel, and thus, the driver may be going along with a turn signal on unknowingly. NHTSA has granted a waiver for New York and Boston drivers since the use of turn signals in those locations is not part of the culture (no they haven’t).

NHTSA correctly points out that a crash could occur, since a person waiting to pull out onto a major roadway may see the signal, and assume the Mazda6 will turn out of the way. Mazda plans to replace the incorrectly installed combination switch on the 180 vehicles that escaped production with the wrong the part.

Mazda’s second recall this month is much more exciting. NHTSA says that 2010 and 2011 Mazda Tribute crossovers that had the 3.0-liter engine the Fuel Delivery Module may crack and leak gasoline. That could lead to a fire. On the approximately 1,000 vehicles this defect is found on Mazda will replace the part with a redesigned one starting around December 15th.

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