Toyota fuel pump recall update
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Toyota Updates Its Huge Fuel Pump Recall - Here's The Fix For Your Vehicle

The massive fuel pump recall Toyota has underway now has a fix. Here's what to expect if you own a Lexus LS 500, LC 500, RC 350, RC 300, GS 350, IS 300, ES 350, LX 570, GX 460, RX 350, NX 300, RX 350L or a Toyota 4Runner, Camry, Highlander, Land Cruiser, Sequoia, Sienna, Tacoma, and Tundra, Avalon, or Corolla.

Toyota follows the topics at Torque News and one recently caught their eye. Our report on the massive fuel pump recall affecting nearly all Toyota and Lexus models. In our report, we repeated the information that we had found on a Toyota media page, which is now changed. Toyota does have a fix for the fuel pump recall.

Read The Original Story Here: Toyota's Latest Massive Fuel Pump Recall Would Not Have Happened Were Its Cars Electric

Toyota Fuel Pump Recall
The recall affects nearly 2 million Toyota and Lexus brand vehicles, nearly as many as the company sells in America in a year. The models included in this huge recall are as follows:
2013-2015 Model Year Lexus LS 460;
2013-2014 Model Year Lexus GS 350;
2014 Model Year Toyota FJ Cruiser, Lexus IS-F;
2014-2015 Model Year Toyota 4Runner, Land Cruiser; Lexus GX 460, IS 350, LX 570;
2015 Model Year Lexus NX 200t, RC 350;
2017 Model Year Lexus IS 200t, RC 200t;
2017-2019 Model Year Toyota Sienna; Lexus RX 350;
2018 Model Year Lexus GS 300;
2018-2019 Model Year Toyota Avalon, Camry, Corolla, Highlander, Sequoia, Tacoma, Tundra; Lexus ES 350, GS 350, IS 300, IS 350, LC 500, LC 500h, LS 500, LS 500h, RC 300, RC 350, RX 350L.

Check Your Vehicle For the Recall Here
If you want to check your specific vehicle to see if it is included in the recall, simply input your vehicle identification number (VIN) here. Toyota will reach out to you by snail mail to alert you if they can find you. That is all automakers are required to do by law. Toyota says that some owners won't be notified until as late as May. Why wait? This is a problem Toyota says can, "...result in a vehicle stall, and the vehicle may be unable to be restarted. If a vehicle stall occurs while driving at higher speeds, this could increase the risk of a crash."

Toyota Ful Pump Recall Update and Fix
The new update is that Toyota has a fix for the problem. It's not going to be easy for Toyota or customers. This isn't just a software update or simple adjustment like many recalls. Rather, Toyota says, "For all involved vehicles, Toyota and Lexus dealers will replace the involved fuel pump with an improved one..." That sounds simple, but the fuel pump in your Toyota or Lexus lives inside your gas tank. To get at it, the mechanic may be in for a half-day's work. We checked out and found that a fuel pump replacement can take as long as four hours. So, you are not going to be waiting for this job to be completed.

Will Toyota Provide You With A Loaner Vehicle?
Toyota's update on the fuel pump recall did not mention if owners would be provided a loaner vehicle while theirs in service. We suggest phoning your Toyota or Lexus dealer to ask if a loaner will be made available.

Will This Recall Cost The Owner Money?
Other than your lost time bringing the vehicle in for the recall and then returning to pick the vehicle up again, there will be no cost to owners for this recall.

Have you had your Toyota or Lexus in for this recall? If so, tell us in the comments below how long the total job took. Your experience may help a fellow owner plan ahead.

John Goreham is a life-long car nut and recovering engineer. John's focus areas are technology, safety, and green vehicles. In the 1990s, he was part of a team that built a solar-electric vehicle from scratch. His was the role of battery thermal control designer. For 20 years he applied his engineering and sales talents in the high tech world and published numerous articles in technical journals such as Chemical Processing Magazine. In 2008 he retired from that career and dedicated himself to chasing his dream of being an auto writer. In addition to Torque News, John's work has appeared in print in dozens of American newspapers and he provides reviews to many vehicle shopping sites. You can follow John on Twitter, and view his credentials at Linkedin.

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Been researching buying a 2018/2019 Highlander from Hertz/Avis car sales. Have noticed that almost all of the Highlanders have disappeared from their online listings. Was thinking that this 'ghosting' of Highlanders on their sites might be related to the fuel pump recall - maybe they are taking the Highlanders off-line until they are fixed? Whatcha think?
Rental companies like Hertz/Avis/Enterprise are not allowed to sell/rent vehicles with safety recalls. FTC law. However, car dealerships are not required to follow the same law due to loopholes and will not sit used cars until repaired. So they tend to sell/dump the units as fast as they can, to get the asset off their books. You can spot these as the price is almost too good to be true or below market value. They protect themselves by showing you the CarFax (or similar) and have you sign the document to presumably release them of liability. Do your research on any vehicle your are purchasing.
I’m an more that upset. Planning a road tri for 2 1/2 months to visit family. They better supply me with a car. I’m afraid to drive on interstate with it. I’ve had Toyota’s all my life and lived them. Had an issue with a 2013 that never got resolved. Will really think if I ever want to buy Toyota’s again
Mine has been at Toyota since February disgusted terrible customer service
After my IS 300 was towed into Lexus of Orange Park in North Florida to have the fuel pump system replaced, I received a loaner and the repair took 3 days because they drove it after the repair had been done. No charge. This was done in Jan 2020.
If your repair was completed (1-2020) BEFORE the fuel pump fix was developed.... Did the repair shop swap the fuel pump out with stock parts or did they "redesign" a new fuel pump for you?
Still waiting to take my 2019 tacoma sr5 for the fuel pump recall. Cant believe that it is taking so long for these toyota technicians to find the replacement part.
Been waiting 3 months car in the dealership have a rental never will buy a Toyota again
I think you are dead wrong, This the low pressure pump which is in the engine compartment. It is a second pump returning unspent fuel to the tank.
Then if this us the problem that you suspect, have you reported it to DOT? So why is Toyota repacking the fuel pump? Is this a band aide or do they not know what they are talking about or are they buying time? Thanks Steve
Please send updates when we know Toyota is ready or if they give a future date
My dealer service scheduler says the pump is in the fuel tank and they have not received any of the new pumps yet. They say they will call me when they have the parts. I'll keep checking with them.
I called Toyota Corporate to find out when my fuel pump will be replaced on my 2019 Toyota Tacoma Limited. Corporate really had no information regarding the recall. They asked where I bought it and I told them Bud Clary Toyota in Union Gap, WA. Corporate said they would contact them. The next day Scott - Toyota Service Director at Bud Clary called. He said he just got a email from Toyota Corporate and the fuel pump for my Toyota Tacoma Limited would not be in until September 2020 or later. If I didn't feel safe driving my Tacoma, Bud Clary would see that I get a rental from Enterprise. Enterprise Car Rental is closed due to the pandemic so until it opens, I will have to take a chance on my Tacoma. I am so disappointed and really feel Toyota dropped the ball. They cut corners and put in a second rate fuel pump to save money. In the meantime, we are all stuck. I heard there is a 'Class Action Lawsuit' in place concerning all the recalled fuel pumps. I believe my Tacoma has dropped in value with this pending issue.
Just wanted to post a warning. My 2019 Highlander shut down completely on the road yesterday. I had to have it towed to the Toyota dealership closest to me at the time. A little back story, the first time I took my car in (about 1 year ago) for regular recommended maintenance, I had experienced a kind of jerking/hesitation upon acceleration. Of course the dealer service department could not get the problem to happen with them. Said they put noted the problem in case there were further issues. Now fast forward to this year. I moved in mid December. I did not receive a recall notice, maybe due to the dealer not having my current address, but the MVD does...weird but whatever. I drove back to Tucson from Phoenix about a week and a half ago. No issues until I was on city streets. I pulled into a business because my “followers” got stuck at a red light. I pulled out a bit before them to lead the way. Again, the jerking/hesitation. I was ready for regular maintenance again, so took my vehicle in a few days later. Told them about the issues I had. They told me about the recall. Said they did not have the part yet. Also said if they did replace the fuel pump now, they’d just have to bring me back when they get the new part and replace it again. Told me to keep track of details it the problem occurred again. Then sent me (and my children who were with me) on my way. So 4 days later, 105 degrees outside, turn on my vehicle to leave an appointment, same jerking/hesitation. But this time it does not resolve itself. Luckily I was alone and just barely made it into a parking lot before my engine shut down. It was towed to a Toyota dealership I don’t normally go to. I was told that they will be replacing the fuel pump now and when the new part comes in, they will have me bring it back to replace it again. Now, why was that not done at the other Toyota dealership??!! I know they get paid from Toyota for all warranty and recall work. So it quite puzzling that they would pass up at least 2 4 hour jobs. Not to mention me and my family’s safety was at risk. I never post anything (have never signed up for any social media account even) nor do I normally complain to business. But I felt this time it was important and warranted. Stay safe out there and good luck!
I had to reply to this comment because we literally had the same thing happen to us. We have a 2019 Toyota Sienna and last fall we took it into the dealership when the van starting acting up/hesitating and they told us they couldn't find anything wrong with it. Fast forward to May 18, 2020, my family was on a short road trip about 3 hours from home and the Sienna completely dies on us with the same hesitation issues. This time the vehicle wouldn't turn back on--but thankfully we made it to a parking lot before it completely wouldn't work. We had to be towed to a local Toyota dealership who confirmed it was the fuel pump but they tell me they had to contact corporate and have no idea when it will be fixed. After calling multiple times, I finally got a loaner vehicle so we can travel back home with my three kids. This is a very dangerous problem and we were lucky, but seems Toyota has not handled this well.
Something does not make sense, my 2019 Highlander died 2 days ago. During my conversations with service manager, he said that Toyota will not put in the same part as the original one. I called the lawyer for the class action suit in California and he said that is the right answer because if they did put in the same part, they would be liable for a crash or injury to anyone because of this part. After going back and forth with the service manager, I finally asked him how they would feel if I came to the dealership and began letting everyone who was coming to look at new cars know what I was going through since the purchase of my Highlander. Surprise, he got off the phone to talk to his director and called me back to say that Toyota just came out with the fix part! Really? Isn't that interesting. He said that my car could be fixed by today or hopefully by tomorrow. Stay tuned!
Well, the part finally came in on Monday, June 29 first thing in the morning. It took almost the whole day for the work to be done. This was the first Highlander the mechanic had done. So glad I no longer have that feeling of doom and gloom hanging over each and every car trip I make. It is a shame I had to wait until the car died to get it fixed!
Hi I have a Lexus , and I’m very upset! Because they Don’t! Know when they are gonna be able to fix my fuel pump . It could be long term , they said . So in the mean time , I have no car. I wanna join the class action law suite , how do I go about doing that . Thank you
I am still waiting for my Lexus 2019 to have the fuel pump replaced ( 05/06/2020) I am very disappointed the way they treat customers. WHY? 1) They are not 100% straightforward whether how safe could be to drive my car till there is a remedy, mainly driving it bit below 65 miles, speed limit 2) It is unacceptable how long it takes to fix the problem Very poor customer service 3) they are not polite enough to let us know when the problem will be fixed
My 100k plus LC died innme in March and I'm still waiting. I'm ready to file suit since I'm paying for a car u don't have
I contacted Toyota and was provided a loaner van. Our van is mobility modified. No way could my husband transport me in a car loaner. The service manager at Classic Toyota told me we could drive the van. I told him no way because the letter said there could be a crash. I told him that's what happened in Dec. 2nd when the van did stop suddenly. We considered it might have been the PCS. But my thoughts now are the fuel pump fault may have caused the PCS to falter. When I saw our van nearing the car in front of us I just knew our lives would end soon. I could see inside the rear window of that car. There was an injury to my neck from the hard impact of the van stopping dead in its tracks. Nobody should attempt to drive a vehicle with a faulty fuel pump. Knowing the fuel pump is faulty, if the car does stop and there is a crash I doubt your insurance company would pay. You would be at fault because you were forewarned by Toyota. I reported the incident and the reply back was a nasty letter filled with false statements. An attorney won't take that on because there wasn't a crash and I was not badly injured though my neck is injured. I am already mobility impaired. I do not trust that the "fix" will resolve the problem.
My 2019 Highlander definitely had issues, and I came near to getting rear-ended when the fuel pump started failing. I took it to my dealership just a couple days before the official recall letter came out. It's been sitting there going on 9 weeks. I was told they have many vehicles waiting for the new fuel pump. Any new word on when the replacement will be available?
Yesterday, I almost bought a 2019 Takoma from a Toyota dealership in Rockville Maryland. It was a great price. We saw there was a recall and asked the sales guy about it and he said he thought it had been fixed. Fast forward to the finance guy and he was going to have us sign a statement saying there was no recall - thankfully, we asked about it again and then googled it and saw the class action suit so did not buy the car. Unbelievable that a Toyota dealership can sell a car with a defect like this and not even disclose it to customers. Where are the consumer protections?
Nope- they state there is no "Remedy" yet. Of course there is. I scheduled/ they canceled I emailed/ they don't respond. I have done Social media..No Response. Calling many times will do nothing. 2014 4-Runner - 2nd RECALL in since last April (airbag Inflator)
we are waiting for the part, Toyota says it should be here before June 10th.
I called my local dealership on my 2019 tacoma. I'm told they have no idea how long it will take to have a fix avail for me. Stating "you'llbe notified by mail" I asked what they considered high speed. They said anything over 45mph. So what does this mean? If I am in an accident because of the fuel pump toyota isnt liable because they gave me the warning? Guess it's time to visit Nissan to check out their titan. Because of the unresolved recall I can bet my trade in value will be tanked. Not happy at all about any of this. Is there a class action suit in progress yet? Unhappy in tampa bay
My 2019 highlander was recalled, like yours. A dealership was going to give me 25,000 for it a week ago. The value has tanked, I’m paying notes on a car I can’t drive, I’m paying full coverage insurance, I’m in a rental that is costing Toyota 1,200 a month, and we have to renew our tags..... my husband and I have bought 7 Toyota’s. Never again...
I have a 2018 tacoma with 25,000 miles on it while driving to work stopped at a red light it shut down but did restart it has a bad hesitation its bucks like its running out of fuel it has shut down 3 times called the dealership i bought it from and have it serviced had no answers they gave me toyotas head quarters phone number i was put on hold for 2 hrs never spoke two anybody maybe if we all stopped making payments on our loans and they get repoed the banks would not loan money to buy toyota vehicles boy that would hurt toyota!
I put my VIN still shows air bag they have solutions for it. But for fuel pump they do not have it answer . Toyota should know we will sue for wrong full death and mechanical issues that they have not solutions for it. Are they waiting for us to dies? innocent people what about them. If they do not fix it. We will force them class action law suit is only way.
We all need to do a class action .. seriously! I’m still waiting on my part to come in . What legal action can we take . I’ll call every news channel here in Tampa . I will be heard .. doing monthly payments and still can’t drive my car . This Doesn’t!! fly with me .