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Toyota’s New 2016 Tacoma Video Advert Sticks the Landing

Toyota’s new Tacoma advert is on target.

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Advertisement is a critical part of building a brand. Toyota has had its share of successful adverts over the ages, but lately the company has been making adverts that are been a bit tame (or lame). The New Tacoma one-minute video promotion breaks that mold. It is worth watching.

Apparently someone at over at Toyota HQ has discovered Ridiculousness. No wipeouts to be seen, but some very boarding, dirt biking, ATV stunts, and mud-whompin’ Tacos aplenty. What’s not to like about a gal on the back of an ETV wearing a bikini? And who doesn’t like to snowboard down a stair rail?

The New 2016 Toyota Tacoma does not need advertising to sell out each month. It has been doing that all year (yes, the Colorado and Canyon also sell out, but the Frontier’s sales drove off a cliff recently). Still, advertisements define a brand long term. Toyota wants outdoor enthusiasts, people 25 years old (which it specifically says in the video) and people that like to get muddy. Over at Chevrolet, the new theme is cowboys. More cowboys in pickups. How original and modern.

Check out the new Tacoma video and tell us what part you like best. For this writer, it is the bikini gal’s belly. You’ll see what I mean.

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Liam (not verified)    October 13, 2015 - 12:13PM

Loving the new ads for the Tacoma. Overall, I love to see all of the outdoor activities in the ads.

My 2009 Tacoma TRD Sport Long Bed is pushing 170K miles and it still runs like a champ. The 2016 Tacomas have been selling out West but in the East we will not see them for some time. I think its because many of the larger dealers....BOCH..have many many 2015's still on the lot. Looking forward to seeing the 2016 in the flesh.