Toyota 2015 Corolla
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Toyota reveals new 2015 Corolla Special Edition

Toyota’s new Corolla Special Edition works from the Sport Plus grade.

Have you ever wanted to own the best factory Corolla built? If so, you are in luck. Toyota is planning a new Special Edition Corolla for 2015 that will start at the Corolla Sport Plus trim level. This new Corolla will emphasize sporty driving and sporty looks.

Corolla Special Edition Equipment List
The new Corolla Special Edition will get the 3.5 liter, 306 hp engine from the Lexus RC 350 – Just checking to see if you read down this far. Actually, the Corolla Special Edition will be mechanically the same as the Corolla S, so expect the Paddle shifted CVT and the four-cylinder engine. Having tested that car, I can say that around town, for the price point, it is not a bad powerplant.

The SE will come with the following list of items according to Toyota:
•Unique 17-inch alloy wheels with gloss black finish
•Black interior with red contrast stitching
•Red accented dash and door trim
•Smart Key System with pushbutton start
•Three colors: exclusive Absolutely Red, Black Sand Pearl and Super White
•Special Edition floor mats with logo and unique exterior badge

Toyota plans to only manufacture 8,000 of the new Corolla Special Editions this year. That is about 2% of the annual production volume in the US. These special Corollas will be built between August and December of this year. Pricing has not yet been announced.

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The new Corolla Special Edition will get the 3.5 liter, 306 hp engine from the Lexus RC 350... I sprayed my drink out as I was instantly reaching for my checkbook :)