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Toyota Prius Scores Very High On List of Older Cars With Most Annual Miles

The Toyota Prius is well-known as a high-mileage car. Here is more data to support that fact.


Our friends at have released the findings of their latest study on which 10-year old vehicles are driven the most. Among cars, the Toyota Prius ranks second only to the Nissan Altima in miles driven per year by 10-year old vehicles.

Prius Most Driven Car

The second-generation Prius was the one that really put the car on the map. It is known and loved by owners for its amazing longevity and reliability. Posts from owners reporting 300K or more miles - on original batteries - are not uncommon. One Torque News associate put about 700,000 miles on two early Prius models.

The 10-year-old Prius averages about 12,279 vs. the overall average for cars of 11,518. “Midsize sedans are attractive options for people who want a comfortable car for commuting or family hauling, but don’t require a large vehicle,” said Phone Ly, CEO of “They also provide added savings by not costing as much to purchase and by having better gas mileage.” Ly also added, “The Toyota Prius’ high rank is not surprising given that hybrid vehicles are a popular choice for high mileage drivers who want to save on fuel costs."

The Prius has unusual longevity in another way according to iSeeCars. It is the car that more owners keep the longest. 32% of Prius owners keep the car longer than ten years. That is two and a half times longer than the average.

View the latest iSeeCars study in its entirety here.

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