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Toyota Earns Technology Award For Electric Truck At MIT Tech Symposium

Toyota's fuel cell electric semi-tractor was a big winner at an MIT tech symposium this past month.


At this year's NEMPA technology symposium held at MIT in Cambridge, Mass. the voting members of the New England Motor Press Association with input from the staff at MIT presented The Yankee Cup Technology Award to Toyota for the Zero-Emissions Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Freight Vehicle. The award was presented by NEMPA member and Car and Driver contributor Clifford Atiyeh to Jason Slayton of Toyota North America.

Toyota earns tech award at MIT

Torque News has been following the development of Toyota's FCEV semi-tractor, two of which have been in service now for years hauling drayage in the Los Angeles area. Inner cities with ports suffer significant pollution from tractors pulling trailers from off-loading docks to the regional distribution centers. Toyota's fuel cell technology is ideal for eliminating this pollution, with no loss in performance compared to conventional diesel trucks.

The Yankee Cup Technology Award is made possible by the participation of MIT's professors and is awarded each year at the MIT media lab on the MIT campus. The Yankee Cup goes to an automotive feature or system that significantly enhances the motoring experience, whether by making driving safer, more cost-efficient or simply more enjoyable. This year's selection highlights the NEMPA membership's focus on real-world solutions to reducing pollution generated from transportation.

Both Tesla and Toyota are well on their way to fielding a fleet of zero local emissions tractors that could revolutionize the local trucking industry. We are officially rooting for both to be successful, and as soon as possible.

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Toyota also took home the Ritvo Design & Elegance Award for the outstanding new 2020 Supra.

Toyota also took home the Ritvo Design & Elegance Award for the outstanding new 2020 Supra. Did you read my previous story titled "2019 Acura RDX Earns Top Award From New England Motor Press - Best Luxury SUV"?

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