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These Are The Best Winter Snow Tires For the Nissan Altima

Wondering what the best snow tires are for your Nissan Altima? Here is the answer.

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The Nissan Altima is a very popular midsized sedan. We researched the best available winter snow tires for the Altima. We looked carefully at the reviews available online from owners of Altimas who had purchased and reviewed various models of snow tires. We also took into account brand name reputation and price.

Those who fit winter snow tires for their Nissan Altima will enjoy better turning, stopping, and starting performance compared to three-season tires. We looked at size 225/45R18, which is a common Altima tire size. You should verify your tire size before speaking to your local tire supplier.

Best Winter Snow Tire For Nissan Altima
The best winter snow tire for the Nissan Altima is the Michelin X Ice Xi3. Owners give the tire a 4.8 out of five stars rating overall. The X Ice Xi3 comes with a 40K mileage warranty and a six-year limited time warranty. Expect to pay a bit under $200 each for these tires, get four, and budget about $100 per season for mounting and balancing.

Here is a review written by an owner of a similar sedan who purchased these tires: "I drove these tires in every winter condition possible. They tires live up to the Michelin name! I just drove through a horrific Canadian snowstorm and these tires came through! It could be a bit better in icy conditions but I would definitely commend these for winter!"

Value Opportunity - Nissan Altima Winter Tires
One other great choice for the Altima is the Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 winter snow tire. The WS80 earns similar good reviews from many satisfied owners. However, it is being discontinued and replaced by a newer tire model called WS90. If you can source the WS80 locally for under $150 each they would be a great deal.

If you own an Altima and have had good luck with winter snow tires tell us which model you chose in the comments below.

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