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Tesla Model 3 Deliveries Edge Up In Janaury 2018 - A New EV Sales Leader?

January could be the turning point for Tesla Model 3 deliveries. Here's the new EV sales picture for 2018.

Tesla Model 3 deliveries jumped up to nearly 2,000 units this January of 2018. That should make the Model 3 the new electric vehicle sales leader as the new year begins. Tesla's increased production and deliveries are great news to anyone waiting on the reservations list, but part of why Tesla's Model 3 is number one this month is timing.

December is always a big month for auto sales at manufacturers run promotions and marketing campaigns to finish the year with a bang. Then sales slump a bit in January. Like other automakers, Tesla also pushes out the door all the cars it can build and December has usually been one of the top months of deliveries for Tesla over the past five years. The Model S and Model X have had many sales months above the1,875 Model 3s Inside EVs estimates that Tesla was able to deliver in December. The Volt, Bolt, and Prius Prime have all had months recently that could top that, but not this month.

Tesla had promised to be delivering ten times the amount of Model 3s it is now able to, but production delays have been killing the delivery schedule. It appears that the goal now is about 5,000 units per month for February and March, and a ramp from there to an eventual delivery rate in 2018 of about 20,000 per month by year's end. That will change the EV landscape completely if it comes to pass.

Tesla has not reported its monthly sales (deliveries) in past years. Rather, the company held the information from investors, fans, and those on waiting lists. That forced those who track the progress of Tesla to look for VIN numbers posted by recent owners and state registration data for clues as to just how many Tesla was able to deliver. That may change soon as Tesla may well have some good news to report.

Jumping to the conclusion that the Model 3 has taken sales away from other EVs may be premature. The Toyota Prius Prime was up by more than 5% over last January and looks t be the number two EV for the month. The Bolt was also up a bit. The Model S only garnered about 800 units delivered and the Model X around 700. If Inside EV's guestimates are right, and they are usually spot-on, Tesla's Model 3 deliveries accounted for half its volume for the month.


Chris (not verified)    February 1, 2018 - 10:37PM

Tesla Model 3 has 400,000 preorders, meaning as soon as Tesla got production rolling, they would outsell everyone