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A sneak peek at the new Mazda 2

Mazda will show its Hazumi concept today. To build excitement Mazda is still threatening a diesel engine for the US market.

Mazda will display its Hazumi concept which will be the next Mazda 2 subcompact at the upcoming Geneva Auto Show today. Mazda has broken its ties with former partner Ford and is now blazing its own trail. Fans could not be happier. The new Mazda 2 will be the fourth of the company's vehicles to be designed in house and carry the SKYACTIV label.

In Japanese Hazumi means roughly "a small inexpensive item you somewhat love." Like the wildly popular Mazda 3, the new 2 will have the bold nose and flowing sides. It is a great look and easily recognizable as uniquely Mazda. This is called Kodo by Mazda, and kidding aside means "soul of motion." Commenting on the new car Mazda’s Representative Director, President and CEO, Masamichi Kogai said, “Mazda HAZUMI indicates the exciting direction of Mazda’s products which, with no exception, will deliver Mazda’s unique driving pleasure. We hope that they will enrich people’s lives, and help build a strong and lasting bond between Mazda and our customers.”

Mazda keeps threatening to put a diesel into its US lineup, but hasn't yet done so. The new Mazda 2 will be launched in other market with a new 1.5 liter diesel engine. In Mazda- speak that engine would be called the SKYACTIV- D 1.5. Mazda has had difficulty achieving its goals for the 2.2 diesel in the global Mazda 6 and has not introduced that engine in the US market. We would expect that the Mazda 2 will be launched in the US with a small four cylinder gasoline engine. If the diesel comes later it could be a big deal if it saves customers money on fuel, but so far there are no affordable diesels in the US market that can beat the combined MPG and fuel economy of the gas engine leaders in the segments they are sold in.

Other advances in the new car will include active safety, by which we assume Mazda intends to use some form of forward collision prevention so it can be eligible for IIHS Top Safety Pick+ rating. Mazda also says the new car will advance the communications options for cars in the segment, so we will expect some form of in-car connectivity.

The current Mazda 2 is produced in partnership with Toyota for the North American market in Mexico. Mazda has not yet announced any changes to that arrangement so we will assume it will continue.

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