Send us your Toyota Tacoma video to win a bag of stuff
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Send us your 2016 Tacoma video for a shot at a Toyota goodie-bag

Your 2016 Tacoma video could win you the swag-bag that Toyota gives out to media attendees.

Here at Torque News we love to involve our readers. Your ownership experience is more important and more valid than any review we do. During a recent 2016 Tacoma off-road drive event, we were given a nifty 2016 Tacoma swag-bag. Inside are a some great Tacoma-branded items along with a couple of things from Bass Pro Shops who also helped with the event. We’d like one of you to have it.

All you need to do is to send us a video of about 15 seconds to 1 minute long that you think other readers might like. It can be you off-roading in your 2016 Tacoma, a walk around video like this one we recently highlighting some features of the Tacoma, or something else showing off your new truck. We are not interested in videos you find on the internet; it needs to be your truck and a video you took or helped to make with a friend. We also don’t want any videos showing dangerous driving or anything like a crash. We love shows like Ridiculousness, but that’s not our game.

If you have a video you wish to send, use the Contact tab at the bottom of our page to let us know we should reach out to you. After we have a few good ones, we will post up the best one and maybe some runner-ups on the Torque News Youtube page. The person who sends in the best one will get the goodie-bag.

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