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See the Limited Edition Mazda MX-5 Z-Sport Miata Only UK Customers Can Buy

This special Mazda MX-5 Miata is for UK customers only. Sorry, America!


Sorry, America. You don't get the gorgeous cherry-red soft top MX-5 Miata Z-Sport. It will be reserved only for the lucky UK-market customers who act fast and grab one of the 300 Mazda is going to build.

2018 Mazda MX-5 Z-Sport Limited Edition
The Limited Edition Z-Sport MX-5 features a special deep cherry red colored fabric hood (top) manufactured by Haartz Corporation for Mazda. The base material is the same proven, attractive, and reliable Stayfast C that Mazda has used for all its tops.

Other features include 17-inch black BBS wheels, and no-added-charge Machine Grey Metallic paint. Inside the leather seats are the Sand color that works so well in many sunny climates. Nav comes standard with the Z-Sport package.

The Z-Sport MX-5 is also well equipped for grand touring or track days, since it has the 160ps (155hp) engine, limited slip differential, Bilstein dampers and a strut brace. The 17" black wheels are by BBS.

Jeremy Thomson, Managing Director Mazda Motors UK said of the new Z-Sport Limited Edition, “We’ve had a long tradition of producing distinctive limited edition MX-5s that allow customers to drive a sports car with stand-out looks and enhanced equipment, and the new Z-Sport is one of the best yet. The stunning combination of the cherry red roof and Machine Grey Metallic paint make this one of the most exclusive looking MX-5s we’ve ever offered and I’m sure it will be a very popular choice when it arrives in dealerships next March.”

We hope Mazda will change its mind and send us a few of those cherry-red soft tops.


Russell Marhefka (not verified)    December 24, 2017 - 7:44PM

Interested in any and all parts that may work with my Wife’s 2010 red/black Mazda Miata Sport. (12,000 miles at 7/30/2016 purchase, 20k now). Thank you!!