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See it at your local auto show - 2016 Toyota Prius

The all-new Prius is coming to an auto show near you.

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The sad truth of smaller auto show venues is that not every newly announced, or newly launched model makes it to every show. In some cases, it makes sense. Take the amazing new Buick Avista Concept. There is only one, and it could not be in both Detroit and Boston this week. Luckily for those interested in a new 2016 Prius, there are more than enough early-production cars to go around so that you can see one now if a car-show is upcoming. We saw the Prius first yesterday at the New England International Auto Show, called the Boston Auto Show by everyone but the show organizers. Click the link for show times this week.

The good news is the Prius looks even better in person. The world’s best-selling green car ties together many of the Scion and Toyota style changes of the past few years and still boasts an amazingly low drag coefficient. As good as it looked outside, inside it is more impressive. The loaded show model we sat in was simple, yet had a feeling of quality and is, of course, modern in every sense.

If a spare tire is important to you (as it is me), good news. You can still get one in the base trim of the Prius. It was one of the few green cars with any form of spare at the show.

For a rundown of what a diverse group of testers have said about the new Prius check out our compliation story. The 2016 Prius models will be in stock at dealers by late February according to Toyota.

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mort (not verified)    January 16, 2016 - 11:48AM

That car is hideous, Hands down, the worst looking car sold today. It actually rivals the Pontiac Aztec in a run for ugliest car ever. It makes me want to make out with a Nissan Leaf!