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Rivian Enters The Auto Industry With the Best EV Warranty In America

Rivian’s deliveries are just about to begin. Here’s why Rivian has the industry’s best electric vehicle warranty in America.

Rivian is a luxury electric vehicle brand about to begin delivering its first vehicles. According to the company’s spokesperson, deliveries of the R1T electric pickup will begin in June. The R1S SUV will follow the pickup in the fall. We reached out Rivian and asked the company if it could detail for us the warranty the company plans to employ as part of its ownership experience. Here’s what we found and how it ranks by comparison to Tesla, Hyundai, Ford, GM, VW, Nissan, Jaguar, BMW, and Toyota.

The Rivian Warranty
Like most automotive warranties, the Rivian warranty has four parts. First up is the comprehensive warranty. This warranty will cover Rivian vehicle owners for five years, or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first. Since this is a warranty and not a maintenance plan, the warranty covers the cost of repairs due to defects.

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Up next is the powertrain warranty. Rivian actually calls this a “Drivetrain Warranty.” It lasts eight years or 175,000 miles. The battery pack is the same duration and it ensures the battery will maintain 70% of its original ability over that span. Last, the corrosion warranty is eight years.

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How Competitors’ Warranties Stack Up To Rivian’s
Tesla’s warranty is the hardest to decode. For example, the Roadster, Model X, and Model S have a different warranty than the Model 3 and Y. Even the Standard Range Model 3 has a different warranty than other Model 3s. Most confusing is that Tesla separates out its control and infotainment screen from the rest of the vehicle, and only covers that critical portion for 2 years or 25K miles. Aside from the Rivan warranty being longer-lasting than the Tesla warranty, it is also much more straightforward.

Jaguar has a great initial warranty in general called Elite Care. It covers the vehicle for five years or 60K miles. That includes the cost of required maintenance as well. However, there is no additional powertrain warranty added.

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Toyota’s electrified vehicle warranty is an extension of its regular warranty. The EV warranty adds the longest battery warranty in years at ten, but limits the miles to 150K. Still a very long period. Toyota’s warranty also includes two years of included maintenance.

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Our chart above and vehicle warranty links below will help shoppers to understand the warranties available for popular electric vehicle models. If you are an EV shopper, tell us in the comments below how important a long and trusted warranty is to you.

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