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Record breaking Ford Mustang reaches new milestone

Ford Mustang gallops past the 4,000,000 Facebook Fan mark

Since the ‘60s the Ford Mustang has been a favorite of Americans young and old. Perhaps it was the new Chevrolet Camaro that did it, or perhaps Ford had it planned all along, but the car that had grown a little bit tired and was starting to look a little slow on the specification sheet was refreshed and revitalized with two new base engines. The iron-anvil six cylinder which couldn’t pass anything (even a gas station) was replaced with a world-class V6 that produces over 300hp. The 5.0 is back and if you don’t get that reference you’re reading the wrong story. Now the car that has set track records and sales records is making a name for itself on social media. The Ford Mustang now has 4 million fans on Facebook.

Big Week For Facebook and Ford Mustang
Just a day after the founder and controlling shareholder updated his status to “Married”, and two days after the much awaited IPO of Facebook, the Mustang passed the 4 million fan mark. This is the most fans of any vehicle name on the world’s largest social media network. Surprisingly, the Chevy Camaro seems to have pulled out of this race with news that GM is moving away from advertising on Facebook. GM can still have a presence on the site, but if it isn’t advertising, it isn’t fully in the game.

Ford Facebook Advertising
Ford doesn’t shy away from the word advertising. In fact in a press release it detailed exactly how the fan base grows and how Ford advertises. Part of the strategy was an advertisement that ran on Facebook during the Daytona 500. During the advertisement’s run over 80,00 people “liked” the ad. Imagine that for a moment. People taking the time to say they “Liked” watching an ad. Ford says this increases a fan’s positive attitude towards the brand.

Ford Mustang Community
Social media is all about community and Ford tries hard to pull its fans in and give them a sense that they are part of the Ford community. One was is by hosting chats with for designers and engineers. Ford also provides contact with celebrities that support Ford. “Facebook is a social network that exceeds 750 million users. We know there are more Mustang fans out there, and we look forward to inviting them to our Facebook community.” Says Ford Digital Marketing Manager Thomais Zaremba.

Not all car races take place on the track, and when it comes to Facebook fans the Ford Mustang is ahead by a lap.