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Nissan whets public's appetite for 2013 Altima with splashy new hologram you must watch

Nissan shines a light on the new 2013 Altima during Canada Day celebrations with an amazing hologram.

Nissan chose to celebrate Canada’s 145th birthday and the new 2013 Altima by showcasing an amazing new technology. Much cooler than R2D2 relaying Leia’s message for Obi Wan, this hologram rocks. The new technology uses a thin fan of water sprayed onto a screen. The screen diffuses the light and projects the images toward the audience giving the effect of a 3 D image. As you can see from the video it has an amazing result.

Nissan Celebrates Canada Day
Nissan used the new technology to highlight the 2013 Altima in four Canadian cities. Nissan’s new marketing buzz words are “Innovation Excites”, thus the new hologram, cutting edge new videos in commercials, and other new marketing efforts that are breaking new ground. Shown in Halifax, Toronto, Vancouver, and the county’s capital city of Ottawa, the new hologram was the first viewing of such a presentation in Canada. In a press statement Judy Wheeler, Director of Marketing for Nissan Canada, said "At Nissan, we provide innovative and exciting vehicles in all segments and are proud we delivered on those two qualities by presenting Canadians with the first show of its kind here on Canada Day. Pairing the Altima with the 3D water show was an optimal way for us to showcase the Altima and Nissan's direction as a company; inspired by the high level of dynamism we aim to impart to every Nissan customer."

Canada Day Lore
Canada day celebrates the joining of the three original Canadian provinces into a single country called Canada, and those provinces' independence from Great Britain. The holiday is celebrated on July 1st most years; however, if that date falls on a Sunday the holiday is moved to July 2nd. This author’s Canadian relatives say that is so as not to disrupt the start of hockey camps, but that might not be true. What is true is that the Altima is now Nissan’s highest highway mileage vehicle powered by gasoline. In Canada gasoline has always been much more expensive than in the US despite the fact that the country is a net exporter of all things hydrocarbon based.

Nissan is turning heads and making waves with this new marketing campaign aimed at highlighting the new 2013 Altima.