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New Mazda Sports Car Concept to be Revealed

Saying very little, Mazda teases us with a sexy shape.

Is Mazda bringing back the Zoom? The company today released a teaser image of a new Sports Car Concept that it will show in public at the upcoming Tokyo Auto Show. The image clearly show a sports coupe along the lines of the RX-8 or RX-7. Mazda has not said if the car will have rotary engine power.

For a company that used the tag-line “Zoom-Zoom” for quite a while, Mazda has had little in the way of performance or sports cars to offer as of late. During the gap between the MazdaSpeed3 and the new 2016 Miata in particular, the company had fun to drive cars in its showrooms, but none that were new or exciting. The new Miata, of course, is very much a sports car, able to smoke many sports car in its price range, and every convertible its price as far as we can tell.

This new Mazda may be the return of the rotary engine. If so, its challenges would be low torque and poor fuel economy. Its inherent advantages would be smooth operation and a very high redline. Mazda’s buzz-words for the new display are "Accelerate toward our dreams." In addition to the new sports car the Koeru crossover we expect will be something like “CX-6” will be displayed. See our prior story for more information on that vehicle.