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New Bridgestone tire targets Lexus IS and RC performance models

Bridgestone’s new tire designed for cars like the ISF and RC F

Bridgestone has announced a new Potenza RE-71R targeted squarely at owners of vehicles like the 2015 Lexus RC F, 2015 and older IS Fs, and F Sport versions of the IS 350 and RC 350. Bridgestone says that this tire is its most extreme ultra-high performance tire to date. The tire is designed for maximum cornering grip and maximum braking capability. If you are looking for ride comfort and long tread wear, this is not your tire.

One of the easiest modifications to make to a vehicle one plans to use on track is tires. Dedicated track tires are always an option, but street-legal tires come close in capabilities. It is often a reasonable choice to drive the car to the track on the performance tires. Bridgestone’s new RE-71R is a street-legal summer ultra-high performance tire. However, it is truly a track tire.

Bridgestone developed the RE-71R specifically for sports cars, sports sedans, and performance cars. Commenting on the tire’s abilities, Robert Saul, senior product manager, Bridgestone Americas said, "The Potenza RE-71R tire is a unique street tire that stands up to the extreme conditions of the track and also delivers impressive everyday performance. This tire is designed for enthusiast drivers who demand the most from their vehicles – whether they're running laps on the track or navigating hairpin turns along their favorite scenic highway."

Bridgestone says it focused on the following key areas for the RE-71R:
- Immediate steering response: A wide center rib in the tread pattern makes the Potenza RE-71R tire super responsive in extreme driving performance circumstances.
- Extreme cornering: Maximum shoulder stiffness provides constant rubber-to-road contact in sharp turns.
- Enhanced wet traction: Effective drainage in wet conditions is achieved with an angled directional pattern and wide circumferential grooves. This means the tire is not just for dry track days.

Bridgestone will be making the RE-71R in series from 55 to 35 and up to 19” diameter. For more information visit the company’s website. If you try the RE-71R, please comment below and let us and other readers know how they work for you. Be sure to name your vehicle.

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