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New 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L - Will It Fit In Your Garage?

We measure and test the all-new three-row Jeep Grand Cherokee L to see if it fits inside a typical garage. What we found was surprising.


The all-new three-row Jeep Grand Cherokee L sport utility vehicle is headed to a dealer near you. You are going to absolutely love this new SUV. We are impressed by the content, fit and finish, and overall sense of quality the new Grand Cherokee L offers. The only question you, as a shopper, may have is, “Will the Grand Cherokee L fit into my garage?”

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The answer depends in part on your garage of course. If you live in a modern home and have a newer style garage, you are going to be OK. However, if you have an older home with an older garage it will require that you break out the tape measure and see for yourself. Here’s what you will need to know.

Length, Width, Height of the Grand Cherokee L
One of the things we love about Jeep is that the brand has nothing to hide. Big is beautiful, and Jeep is one of the only manufacturers that will actually tell how wide its vehicles are with the mirrors open. Many lesser brands want to hide the girth of their bigger vehicles, so they list only the width with mirrors folded. That doesn’t help you because you need the mirrors to back a big vehicle into a garage safely.

Here are the dimensions of the Grand Cherokee L. We double-checked the width ourselves and confirmed the Jeep spec is spot on.

Grand Cherokee L Width With Mirrors Extended = 85 Inches Wide
Grand Cherokee L Height = 71.5 Inches High
Grand Cherokee L Length = 205 Inches long

To provide readers with an understanding of how the Grand Cherokee L compares to some other popular vehicles we have created this helpful chart. As you can see, the Grand Cherokee L is one of the narrowest three-row vehicles in its class, a big help when you are trying to put it into a tight garage bay.

Chart of SUV dimensions by John Goreham

In our testing, we backed the Grand Cherokee L into a garage that was 104 inches in width. The process was no more difficult than backing in a compact crossover like a Subaru Forester or Mazda CX-5.

Jeep Grand Cherokee L image by John Goreham

Practicality is one of the biggest reasons that shoppers buy three-row SUVs like the Grand Cherokee L. A vehicle too large for a garage, or one that makes parking in a typical parking spot a challenge is not a useful vehicle. Jeep’s Grand Cherokee L feels roomy inside, but it is one of the easiest to park three-row vehicles we have ever backed into our “test garage.”

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