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New 2019 Lexus UX Compact Luxury Crossover Starts At $33K

In addition to being Lexus' newest crossover, it is also one of Lexus' least expensive vehicles.

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The all-new Lexus UX compact crossover arrives this winter. The front-wheel-drive, conventionally-powered UX 200 arrives in first in December and then the hybrid UX 250h with AWD will arrive in January. The starting price of the UX 200 will be $33K and the starting price of the UX 250h will be $35K. Shoppers should expect F-Sport trims and options packages to add between $1,500 and $5,000 to the total cost of a well-equipped UX.

The UX will replace the now discontinued CT 200h and be the entry-level Lexus. Like most automotive manufacturers, Lexus has found its crossover models increasing in popularity and sedans decreasing. The new UX brings a fresh take on the entry Lexus that many shoppers will find refreshing. CT sales had dwindled in past years.

UX interior

The base UX uses a drivetrain similar to the new Corolla Hatchback. With a four-cylinder 169 hp engine coupled to a Direct-Shift CVT, the UX will have a strong feeling of acceleration. The unique transmission uses a mechanical gearset when starting off and a continuously variable transmission from that point forward. The idea is that the feeling is less like a CVT. We tried the set up in the new Corolla and liked it.

The real emphasis in the new UX is the AWD hybrid. With 175 and more available system torque, the new hybrid is a new design. Lexus predicts the best fuel economy of any crossover in America without a plug. The AWD system includes a separate rear motor that provides just 7 hp to the rear wheels. This is for snowy conditions, not any sort of off-roading. The UX is an urban crossover, hence the name.

Unfortunately for Android users (43% of the U.S. market), there is no Android Auto. Apple CarPlay is available. Lexus is also introducing a host of new safety technology we look forward to testing and reporting on.

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Digital Doc (not verified)    September 13, 2018 - 5:10PM

A CVT and the same engine from a Corolla have no place in a Lexus. Toyota is losing their way on this one.

The new 2.0L direct injection engine is the ideal engine for the underpowered Toyota Corolla sedan that languishes on with a less than mediocre 132 HP, and the Toyota CH-R which has the slowest 0-60 in the subcompact segment north of 10 secs.

This Lexus UX needs more than 200 hp, and not sure why Toyota can't either put a turbo in it, or put the new 2.5L base engine from the Toyota Camry into it, which either solution would get them there.

As it is, this looks like some design exercise to turn a Corolla hatchback into a Lexus, but is really not worth production, not this type of price tag, without the powertrain to justify it.