2017 Lexus IS sports sedan is coming in a week
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New 2017 Lexus IS-Series – What Are You Hoping To See?

The all-new 2017 Lexus IS sports sedan is coming in a week. What’s on your wish list?

The current-generation IS sports sedan has been the most successful of the car’s three. With a newly-styled IS coming in a week to the 2016 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, we’d like to ask readers what they hope for in a new IS.

New 2017 Lexus IS Drivetrains
A show of hands for a stick shift base-model version of the IS 200t. Next, how many would like to see the IS F return to the lineup? These are not difficult things for Lexus to do since both have been done before. The IS F would accept the V8 from the RC F and GS F very nicely as those who own a Gen-2 IS F know. If we were betting, we would say that it is more likely that an IS 300h will appear in the U.S. before either of those will.

New 2017 Lexus IS Styling
Lexus has said that the 2017 Lexus IS Sedan will feature Lexus’ updated L-Finesse style language. What does that mean? Expect a look similar to the LC 500 up front. A flatter, wider look to the hood and front clip and an ever more bold front grill. Critics love to shout-down the bold Lexus grill, but the fact remains that sales jumped when it was introduced. In fact, the IS sedan doubled its sales after the spindle grill appeared. F-Sport trims, which feature the most bold grill design, went way up as well.

New 2017 Lexus IS Interior Updates
Lexus won’t have the nerve to quit on its remote interface for the infotainment system. Just for grins and giggles we’d love to know how many would prefer a simple touch-screen like that in the new Jaguar line. If you like the new touch-pad feel free to state your case as well.

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