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More Details And Images Of Mazda's Beautiful New CX-30 Crossover

Mazda offers more details and images of the all-new CX-30 crossover.


Mazda has released more details on the all-new 2019 CX-30 compact crossover as well as more stunning images. The new CX-30 will be larger than the CX-3 and smaller than the CX-5 presently for sale in America. This new model features a lower roofline and a slightly more compact length and width than CX-5. For more details on size and dimensions, please see our prior report.
Mazda's information thus far has been from the international division of the company's press group. Don't be surprised to see the media reporting that the CX-30 will come with a diesel engine. The one it has is not new, but the existing 1.8-liter diesel now in use in other markets. That will be for the remaining global markets that still use dirty diesel. It will be unlikely that Mazda will bring that engine to the U.S. Particularly since the company has committed to bringing its new Skyactiv-X engine. This all-new design incorporates Spark Controlled Compression Ignition (SPCCI) combustion to bring compression ignition to a gasoline engine. Mazda says this engine "...features both the superior initial response and powerful torque of diesel engines, as well as the linear response to even sudden driver inputs and the smooth revving up to the higher RPMs typical of a gasoline engine." If the Skyactiv-X engine has the best of diesel, why would bring it to markets that have evolved past the CO2-rich fuel?
cx-30 side
Mazda says that in addition to its good looks the CX-30 will have good visibility from the driver's seat. The C-Pillar is small, allowing for good rear visibility. Despite its low roofline, Mazda promises easy entry and exit with a higher hip line than sedans. Mazda also noted it has "plenty of ground clearance."

Watch for more details on the CX-30 as Mazda prepares its North American press materials in the coming months.