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Michelin's New CrossClimate2 Is A True All-Season Tire

Unlike most "all-season" tires this one may actually be rated for winter.


The folks at Michelin have just launched their newest passenger-vehicle tire intended for use in four-seasons. The new CrossClimate2 is rated for all-season use but has one advantage that nearly every all-season tire lacks. That would be the 3-peak mountain snowflake rating. This is the rating typically reserved for winter-use tires. It means the tire has the tread design, compound, and test data to back up its claim as being a winter-rated tire.

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Micheline says that its CrossClimate2 delivers up to 31% better snow traction when worn than four leading all-season competitive tires. That means that Michelin has not just applied the softer winter compound to the outer section of the tire tread (like some winer-only tires).

“We designed this tire to deliver safety and performance in every stop, every turn, and throughout every season,” said Michelin brand director Matthew Cabe. “Parents, caretakers and all conscientious drivers understand the responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others when they drive. They don’t want to feel powerless. This tire gives them confidence and control in any weather, during any season.”

Michelin listed the following advantages of the CrossClimate2 tire:
Wet performance – In wet conditions, even when worn, the CrossClimate2 stopped shorter than leading competitive tires - up to 50 feet shorter when stopping from 50 mph.

Longer lasting – Michelin's road testing shows the CrossClimate2 has up to 15K miles longer in usable tread.

Dry grip – The CrossClimate2 stops up to 16 feet shorter (more than one full car length) on dry pavement than four leading competitive tires in Michelin tests.

Noise - Michelin used noise reduction tuning to design a tread with blocks and angles that cancel out “harmonic” road noise and create ideal amplitude for the contact patch, creating a quieter ride.

If you are hopping for tires and outstanding winter performance is important to you, check out the Michelin CrossClimate2. Currently, 25 sizes are available. By the end of 2021 Michelin plans to more than double that coverage and offer sizes for three-quarters of the best-selling passenger cars and crossovers in the marketplace.

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Michelin cross climate tire image courtesy of Michelin media support.