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Mazda's Sharp New Concept Kai Could Make It To Production

The Kai Concept has the look of a new crossover, perhaps a CX-4.

The latest concept vehicle from Mazda has the look and shape of a vehicle that Mazda may actually produce. The hood and lights are very similar to the Mazda CX-9 now in production as Mazda's largest U.S. market vehicle. The overall shape is very similar to the CX-3 and Mazda3.

The Kodo "Soul of Motion" design at Mazda has served the company well. Good design is not more expensive than poor design, and small companies like Mazda can compete with larger automakers by standing out from the pack.

Mazda has given us an overview of its vision, saying: "That’s why the KODO design philosophy is all about breathing life into the very form of our cars. Mazda has captured the energy found in the frame-by-frame dynamism of living creatures as they move, and infused this energy and rhythm into the form of our vehicles, creating cars with a vitality that makes them truly alive. This is our philosophy—an all-encompassing vision that we intend to carry forward and develop into the future as an ongoing tradition."

The New Kai, along with a larger four-door sedan concept called the "Vision Coupe," is on display now at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show. Mazda is generating quite a buzz at this year's show and has been called "Hero of the show" by one U.S.-based publication.