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Mazda's 25th anniversary Miatas will be instant collectables

With only 100 slated for the US, these special Miatas will be instant classics.

Mazda is building just 100 American-delivery MX-5 Miata 25th Anniversary Editions. This is a car that will become an instant classic. If you have been thinking about buying a current generation in advance of the new Fiat-Mazda collaboration 2015 model, this may be the sign from above you have been waiting for.

Mazda is planning to make this 25th anniversary car special in many ways. At the start of the vehicles' creation Mazda technicians are going to go through the parts bins of production Miatas and identify only the best of the pistons connecting rods, and flywheels for the special build. Mazda said in a statement we paraphrased that “While already lightweight with low inertia and original tolerances set extremely fine, Mazda engineers hand-selected the lightest, best balanced premium parts for inclusion in the engine.”

Next, Mazda will provide these 100 Miatas with a premium paint coat of Soul Red Metallic. The A pillars and the Power Retractable Hard To (PRHT) will be Brilliant Black, as will the front end trim pieces and the alloy wheels will be gunmetal black. Inside the almond leather seating and trim will be offset by piano black elements throughout the cabin. The interior touch points will also have red raised stitching to offset the black and almond color scheme. Gauge cluster rings will be a liquid metal color. The instrument panel will have a base of Soul Red, but will be hand painted with a gradation of Piano Black so that no two cars are exactly alike. The steering wheel will also have Piano Black trim.

The only performance enhancement to the Miata will be the addition of Bilstein dampers. My 2007 MX-5 Miata had these and they made a big difference in the car’s already impressive handling. Aluminum alloy pedals will round out the special features of this vehicle, which of course will have special badging.

The original Mazda Miata was introduced to the world in February 1989. The last of the third generation cars are now in production, and at some point soon the new 2015 will begin to appear in prototype form. This 25th anniversary car is a fitting tribute to 25 years, and over 1 million excellent convertible sports cars.

The 2014 Mazda MX-5 Miata 25th Anniversary Edition cars will be made available late spring and only through

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