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Mazda Offers Free Oil Changes To Educators - The Fine Print Is Interesting

Mazda is offering free oil change services to educators during their annual summer break. Take note of the fine print if you are not a Mazda owner.


Mazda is expanding its free oil change service program. The program began in April of 2020 and spanned the period of the deadliest days of the pandemic. Mazda offered to change the oil and do a thorough cleaning of any healthcare worker’s car as a thank you for their hard work, and their having put their own and their families' health in jeopardy by working directly with COVID-positive patients without the protection of a vaccine and without proper personal protective equipment.

The program is now focused on educators including teachers, coaches, and staff at all levels of education. The free service program is well-timed. It comes during the annual period when most educators are enjoying their multi-month summer break. Mazda North America’s President and CEO, Jeff Guyton, was quoted as saying that educators have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic.

The fine print of the program is interesting. As was true when Mazda and its participating dealers offered this program to healthcare workers, the vehicle need not be a Mazda to be eligible. Mazda is providing this service to owners of most popular makes and models.

To help ensure the safety of local educators, Mazda says that its participating dealerships will provide interior and exterior vehicle cleaning, in addition to free oil changes. Some participating dealerships have expanded the program and are providing program extensions such as free school supplies, as well as vehicle pick-up and return at educators’ convenience.

To learn more about the program please visit Mazda’s information page.

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