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Mazda Named Best Car Brand By U.S. News & World Report - Here's Why

The folks at U.S. News and World Report sure do like Mazda. We have to agree with the reasons why.


It's hard not for us to concur with our colleagues at U.S. News & World Report Autos who have just named Mazda America's Best Car Brand. For the fourth consecutive year! Let's take a moment to hear why Mazda is being singled out as the best brand for cars during a week in which General Motors has signaled it will bow out of the car market to focus on SUVs and Trucks.

Jamie Page Deaton

"Mazda's car lineup continues to set the standard by which other brands should be judged," said Jamie Page Deaton, executive editor of U.S. News & World Report. "From the practical Mazda6 to the sporty MX-5, engaging driving dynamics and upscale interiors make any Mazda car a pleasure to own."


Unlike Ford, Dodge, Chrysler, and now GM, who are finding the car market in America just too darn competitive and are thus taking their ball and going home, Mazda continues to release winner after winner. We most recently tested the new Mazda6 Signature. We felt that the new Mazda6 Signature was not just the best car in its class, but that it is better than many top-sellers in the premium/luxury class that includes cars costing 50% more.

For us, Mazda isn't just notable for one thing. Sure, the cars all are fun and handle great. That is important, but it's not the only thing on which cars should be judged. Safety and reliability are also very important factors. The good news here is that Mazda leads each class of cars in both. Most recently, Mazda was shown to be the third brand overall for quality, beating our BMW, Acura, and Audi.

Mazda also never stops trying to make customers happy - even after the sale. Mazda recently offered an upgrade to owners of Mazda6 vehicles who wanted Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Mazda also excels in terms of fuel economy. Most fun to drive, safest, top-three overall for quality, best fuel economy. Mazda cars offer it all.

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GERALD WEN (not verified)    November 29, 2018 - 3:07PM

Yes, Mazda now offers owners of Mazda6 - Apple CarPlay and Android Auto...BUT they have to pay for it! Otherwise, I agree that their current offerings (especially the Mazda6 Signature) are pretty great.

Litecoin (not verified)    December 13, 2018 - 7:18PM

Just bought a 2019 CX-3 in August with no apple car play. You would think Mazda would offer customers like myself a free upgrade for their incompetence of not including it as a standard option like most of their competition in the first place! It is $199 plus labor which is probably just as much if not more, that’s ridiculous!!

Jim G. (not verified)    January 1, 2019 - 7:20PM

I for one am totally disgusted with Mazda's approach regarding the Apple CarPlay situation. I checked on cost to have installed in my 2017 GT Mazda 3 -- total cost is $500! Apparently they have to tear apart the console and dashboard because the normal wiz kids at Mazda did not properly provide needed cables, etc. Very disappointing!