Mazda Miata RF and Fiat 124 Spider called future classics.
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Mazda Miata RF and Fiat 124 Spider Future Classics? Hagerty Thinks So

One expert on classic cars says a future classic is for sale right now at Mazda RF and Fiat dealerships.

Hagerty is the company that many classic car owners go to for insurance on their special vehicles. Hagerty also is also host to the largest network of classic car owners. This week, the company posted up a list of vehicles that one can purchase new right now the company says are headed towards being classics in the future.

The new Mazda Miata RF is a fastback retractable hardtop convertible with a unique look. Its look has inspired some to say it looks like a mini-Ferrari. With the same suspension and engine as the convertible, the RF offers the same thrills, but with a little more practicality and a unique look. Hagerty said of the new Miata RF, "Featuring the same fantastic qualities that make the roadster Miata such a hit last year, the RF opens the door to a new market with a more rigid structure and coupe-like design."

The new Fiat 124 Spider Abarth may also be a future classic collectible in Hagerty's view. The Spider offers a unique look and feel, but has its roots in the Miata. The new Spider is finding many new fans for the convertible and the addition of the car has boosted sales and profits at both Fat and Mazda. Hagerty sys the Abarth version, "...provides more power than its cousin through a MultiAir turbo engine with true Italian verve."

Some other similar cars that Hagerty sees as possible future collectibles include the Toyota 86 and Porsche Boxster/Cayman.

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