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Mazda Announces Changes To 2022 MX-5 Miata

We run down the Miata’s new prices and some new nifty tech.

Mazda announced this week that the new 2022 Miata will be all-electric, have 500 ft-lb of torque, and starts at just $19,990. Sorry, I meant, Mazda’s Miata carries over mostly unchanged for 2022, has a driver-assist system update, and has a price for the one you want to buy of $35K.

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The single notable update to the 2022 Miata is what Mazda calls Kinematic Posture Control (KPC). Mazda says that this computer-controlled active driver assist system will offer an improvement in high-g cornering precision and confidence. Need proof that the system is simply programming? Mazda says it doesn’t add a single gram of weight.

KPC applies a very slight brake to the inner rear wheel during high-g cornering. This braking effect pulls down on that corner, suppressing body roll, and making steering response feel more linear through tight or rough corners. Mazda says that slightly stronger braking is used when accelerating through a corner, enhancing the limited-slip effect.

The upshot of this computer-controlled intervention on your driving experience is more precise dynamics on more spirited roads resulting in more confidence and driving enjoyment. We will withhold our opinion of this system but will say that this Miata fan and former owner finds it hard to believe that I could be more confident in a Miata, or have more enjoyment. Challenge accepted.

The Mazda Miata Sport Soft-Top with a standard six-speed manual transmission is the base car. The price including destination and handling from Mazda is $28,315. That Mazda can still market this car at under $30K during the worst inflation in the modern era is a miracle. Now let’s jump to the other extreme. The Miata Grand Touring RF 6AT with the optional Terracotta Nappa Leather in one of the two best colors will cost you $36,910.

Now, if you are one of those racer types who wants to have all the go-fast bits one can get from the factory, you will opt for the MX-5 Miata Club w/ Brembo BBS Recaro Pkg. This one rings in at $39,215. We tried as hard as we could to find a way to price a Miata for 2022 that would break $40K and we could not do it. We suspect your dealer may be helpful with that.

Kidding and snarky commentary aside, the Mazda Miata remains the single best dream car in the world, at any price. That you can’t find a way to make the best one for public streets cost more than about $35K is a rare blessing in these times of nutty car price increases.

If you buy a Miata in the coming year, please let us know what you actually paid and if the dealer added in any market adjustments or added options.

2022 Miata image by Mazda

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