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Maserati and Jeep help solve Mother’s Day gift dilemma

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Maserati and Jeep jump in with some gifts that say "thanks Mom!"


We all know that feeling. As we go through our busy lives we tune out the calendar and all the advertisements that have been pummeling our eyeballs now for about 2 weeks showing flowers and offering brunch. And now it is too late! All the brunches are booked. Mom will be at her MMA club meet all day, so flower delivery is uncertain. Luckily, Maserati and Jeep have come to the rescue with some practical and durable gifts that any mom will enjoy.

Maserati Moms
First up for the mom who needs a better bag to carry her Maserati smart key, we have a Boston-Griffe collection handbag. The BG bag comes equipped with a durable handle, can swallow a cell phone and more, and is offered at only $1089.00. If mom already has a handbag, how about a form fitting sweatshirt? The NC sweatshirt in deep blue is just $183.48. Sort of a strange number (they might have sold a couple more if they went with $179.99, but who are we to judge?). Maserati also has attractive gilets in stock for spring soccer games. For those not in the know, a gilet is a “paaka.” If mom is a stick shift driver and likes to “Heel-toe” and match revs on downshifts she might like the Sneaker MC Stradale. Sleek and narrow they have three vents on the side that match the style of her Maserati.

Mud Wompin' Moms
If mom is less a Monte Carlo gal and more a mud-wompin’ woman, then All Things Jeep has just the gift for her. If you order over $75.00 worth of gifts for mom now you will receive a free tote bag! But you have to enter the secret code “Moms-rock.” One sure fire favorite would be a something from the “Go-topless” collection. The woman’s Go Topless T is just $21.99. The JPFreak gift set is also a safe bet for mom.

If your mom isn't a Maserati driver or an off road enthusuast, go with the flowers and a lovely card you made yourself.