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Madden NFL 25 to have an added touch of commercial reality

GMC has partnered with the makers of Madden NFL 25 to place advertisements inside the game. Gamers will also be able to access exclusive NFL content via their game systems.


General Motors has partnered with game system Madden NFL 25 to feature GMC division vehicles in the game for the first time. Product placements inside video games are not new. Many are generic and unrelated to the game in general. However, GM has been a huge sponsor of the NFL’s television programs for decades.

Super Bowl winners and MVPs have been awarded GM products in the past. For the past two years Superbowl winning quarterbacks Joe Flacco and Eli Manning both took home Corvettes in 2013 and 2012 respectively. Entertainer Beyonce also took one home as part of her compensation for singing at half time. In the game, Madden NFL 25 players will be awarded avatar trucks. The idea of course is that the 10 to 25 year olds playing the game will be seeing this during game play.

The game will also feature advertisements of GMC products playing on the jumbo screens shown in the stadium. GMC Official Vehicle of the NFL logos and also vehicle imagery will be displayed. Gamers can also choose a select group of players from the “GMC Collection of Professional Grade” players. Those gamers who are also fans can use their Madden account and an internet connection to see exclusive replays called “The GMC “Never Say Never Moment of the Week.” Commenting on this new integration of GMC with game systems, Sandra Moore, director of GMC Advertising and Sales Promotions said “GMC’s association with professional football is rooted in the common bonds of strength and determination. Our new Madden integration allows us to show that we’re a technologically savvy brand as well.”

For those who want total immersion in GMC and Madden NFL 25 GM suggests playing Madden NFL 25 via the rear seat entertainment system inside one of the featured GM products highlighted in the game. Those include the GMC Yukon, Acadia, and Terrain sport utility vehicles.