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Lexus Will Display Two New Green Flagships At Geneva Show

Lexus isn’t playing the same game other automakers are.

At each auto show, we seem to be treated to a new host of 700+ horsepower track-day specials that will adorn screen savers and a few collectors' carpeted garages, but not many new flagships that point the way forward. Lexus may be the exception. At the Upcoming Geneva Auto Show, Lexus will show off a new Hybrid LC-500h Coupe and its LF-FC fuel cell-powered sedan concept. These follow Toyota’s reveal of the new Prius and RAV4 Hybrid at recent shows this winter. Toyota may not be going battery electric, but it is still the automaker with the most green car sales and most new vehicle models.

The all-new 2017 LC 500 luxury coupe was revealed this past month. At the upcoming Geneva show Lexus promises the LC 500h will have “Lexus’ Multi-Stage Hybrid System.” Lexus says this new system provides three things (that are usually at odds with one another). First, “enhanced driving pleasure.” This is likely going to be subjective. Next, “more performance” and “greater efficiency” both of which are objective. Unless we are being tricked, more performance seems to hint that the hybrid system will augment the V8 engine. Hmm. Maybe the rumors of Lexus planning to turbocharge its cars to keep pace with the imaginary wars with BMW, Mercedes and Cadillac are wrong.

The LF-FC Concept appears to be the same fuel cell concept already announced by Lexus. With the Mirai having been pulled off the market with no place to refuel, we will save our keystrokes on fuel cell cars until a way to make them go is in place.

Main story image of LF-FC courtesy of Patrick Rall.