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Lexus carefully explains why the 2015 RC F is so special – Video

In this Lexus College video, Lexus explains why the RC F deserves to be includes in the IS F and LFA family.

The IS F has earned its place. Those who have owned or driven an IS F understand that understated potential is why it is special. On the road, the IS F is very comfortable and sedate -unless pushed. A sleeper of sorts. In this second Lexus College video, Ms. Chen walks us around the RC F and talks about why it deserves to wear the F badge that the LFA and IS F have.

RC F and IS F Engine
Despite Lexus often calling the RC F’s V8 engine “all-new” Ms. Chen starts off by telling us that “Lexus engineers took the IS F’s engine and completely redesigned it.” We all know that power is up and that the engine can also now act in the Atkinson cycle. The result of this is is a 1 mpg increase in combined fuel economy and 2 mpg more on the highway. Fans of either car will love the exploded view of the engine at time stamp 1.00.

Driver Select Modes
The video also highlights well perhaps the biggest change the RC F brings, that being its driver selectable modes. In our track testing we found the transmission to be the biggest surprise, but the easy to use driver modes were also high on our love-list. The video also does a great job of explaining the two different rear differentials owners can choose.

If you are a fan of the RCF, or even an owner, this new video will help to explain some of the things makes a Lexus F model so special.

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Main story image courtesy of Patrick Rall