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Lexus brand rated best in cost of ownership

Kelly Blue Book awards Lexus the best luxury brand rating for 5 year cost to own

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In its annual 5-Year Cost to Own ratings Lexus was deemed the best overall Luxury brand by Kelly Blue Book (KBB). This marks the second year in a row that Lexus has won the title. In addition to winning the best overall brand for cost of ownership, the Lexus LS took the most prestigious category, being deemed the best high-end luxury car.

The KBB 5-year cost to own ratings start by looking at the initial buy price of the vehicles rated less their residual value. Lexus does well in this because its vehicles hold their value better than most luxury models. Also, KBB noted that Lexus vehicles have a “features-per-dollar advantage versus its European competitors.” These two factors in combination mean that Lexus vehicles offer more car for the money over a 5- year period.

Lexus vehicles also have excellent fuel economy in all of their vehicles by comparison to the field. However, the many hybrid models offered across its entire line is what really helps Lexus with regard to fuel costs. Next is maintenance and repair costs where Lexus does well in comparison to the field. However, KBB points out that Lexus has an advantage with regard to dealer service that is not reflected by this ratings saying “as good as the cars are, owners are just as likely to rave about the treatment they receive from their Lexus dealers. Is there another automaker that does so much so well?”

In its win against other high end luxury models Lexus did not just squeak by. The LS had a cost to own of $79,571 which beat the next closest vehicle by about $2500. The Mercedes S Class was third on the list with a 5-year cost to own of $102,391.

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Aaron Turpen    February 6, 2014 - 2:38PM

These KBB "cost of ownership" reports are becoming a joke. I've now seen press releases from just about every automaker out there now claiming they were named "best of.." from these guys. It's becoming as pointless as the Nobel prizes.