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KBB Names 2016 Toyota Camry Best Car Lease Deal For August

The Camry’s lease deal is under $250 per month.


Kelly Blue Book’s best new car deals for August includes ten great buys on popular models. However, among cars available for lease the Camry is the least expensive for August with a price of just $199 per month for 36 months and $1,999 down. Rolling the down payment into the monthly cost just to see what the monthly average is and the Camry is $254.56 per month or a total cost over the duration of the three-year lease of $9,163.

That price tops another very interesting deal on the list, the Dodge Charger. The Charger is unusual in that it requires no money down at all. With a monthly cost of $309, the Charger will cost the lessee $11,124 over the three-year period.

For those looking to own, rather than lease, the Volkswagen Passat looks like a great deal. KBB says the fair market price is $20,215. VW is offering a $1K cash-back deal that means a Passat could cost less than $20K in August.

Those interested in a low-cost new car will be surprised by the Hyundai Veloster deal. KBB says the compact Veloster has a fair purchase price of about $17,760. In August, KBB says Hyundai is adding $3,250 cash-back deal to sweeten the deal. That means the Veloster may leave a showroom for just $14,500.

KBB's list can be found here.