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Just How Many Cars Will Ford Be (Supposedly) Walking Away From?

Ford has announced it will be phasing out almost all of its car models. Which ones, and how significant are their sales?

According to multiple news sources quoting Ford executives, Ford has just become America's most honest automaker. The company has reportedly announced plans to phase out most of its mainstream affordable car models. The Mustang is NOT included in the list of vehicles that will supposedly be aged out of existence and not replaced with new generations.

The models that will be included if this happens are the Fiesta, Focus, Fusion, and Taurus. No mention that we are aware of mentions the Lincoln models, but if the Ford's go away, it would be hard to imagine the Lincolns continuing on.

In the March sales report Ford produced, it cited record sales for SUVs and the best retail results in 18 years. Yet, cars have lagged. Just like they have at every automaker except for maybe Toyota. Ford's car sales are still substantial though. We thought readers might be interested in some perspective.

Some Comparisons:
-Ford's Fiesta sold 4,964 units in March. That is more than any electric vehicle from any manufacturer in March. If the low-selling Fiesta had a plug it would be America's EV sales leader by a country mile.
- The cars on Ford's phase-out list combined to total more than 41,000 units in March. That is more vehicles than VW or Mazda sold in America. Way more. Both came in around 33,000 for March and were thrilled with the result.
- Ford's Fusion and Focus both outsold the Mustang. Each by nearly 2 to 1. The Mustang sells under 9,000 per month, but the Fusion and Focus both sell above 16,000 units per month. Yet, we are to believe that Ford will kill off the higher sellers. Hmm.
- Ford's Focus and Fusion models both individually outsell the following Ford SUVs and Crossovers: EcoSport, Edge, Flex, Expedition, and the Police Interceptor Utility.
- Ford's Focus and Fusion models both individually outsell the following specialty vehicles by Ford: Transit, Transit Connect, E-Series, and heavy trucks.
- Ford's Focus and Fusion models both individually outsell all of Lincoln. Lincoln in total sells around 9,000 vehicles in total each month. So Fusion and Focus combined are more than three times greater in sales volume than Ford's whole premium brand.

Given the apparent "success" of Ford's car business, despite it being lower than in past years, it is still a massive amount of automotive volume. Apparently, a shockingly unprofitable one. If we are to believe the reports.


chrispy (not verified)    May 4, 2018 - 4:14PM

Hmm... that Reuters article dated April 25 2018 also stated that the Mustang "..came out 50 years ago this month." Wonder how much the rest of the ("alternative"?!) facts are off. If any of it does turn out to be true, it will be the most radical market shift in Ford's history. Here's to hoping the Wall Street pressures don't sweep almost all the affordable Fords off Main Street. Cheers.