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If You Plan To Buy A Nissan Leaf or Any EV In This Key State You Better Act Fast

A key target state for electric vehicle adoption will end its rebate program this week. If you would like to buy a Chevy Bolt, Tesla Model 3, Model S, Nissan Leaf or any other EV you may want to hurry up. Here are all the details.

July first, 2019 will be a critical time for those shopping for electric vehicles. Not only is Tesla's federal tax deduction being cut in half to just $1,875, but Massachusetts also ends its electric vehicle rebate program on the same day. Massachusetts started out with a $2,500 rebate on EVs, but it has been at the $1,500 level for EVs costing under $50K for some time. One week from today it ends entirely.

Drive Green Discounts
The Green Energy Consumers Alliance, which runs the Massachusetts and Rhode Island Drive Green website, has been doing its level best to warn electric vehicle shoppers of this looming deadline. Facebook posts, tweets, and other notices have been posted now for weeks. we hope we can help spread the word as well on this important opportunity for green vehicle shoppers.

Nissan Leaf Discounts
Another program ending July 1st is the Nissan Leaf's $5K discount program. This has been an Eversource and National Grid promotion and Leaf buyers in the areas served by these utilities have been the lucky beneficiaries. Customers like Henry Ovalle, who bought a Leaf and posted this comment: "Thank you, Drive Green Program, for making my Nissan Leaf EV purchase easy. It's great that there was no need for price negotiations with the dealer since the price was already arranged. After I did much research on EVs before the test drive visit, I was glad to see that the program uses dealers well trained and knowledgeable on EVs. Enjoying living La Vida EV."

Tesla Federal Tax Deduction Cut
Another reason that July 1, 2019 is a critical date for electric vehicle buyers, is that Tesla's federal rebate will be lowered to just $1,875. Once a whopping $7,500, the rebate for Tesla has been stepping down incrementally quarter by quarter. Tesla vehicle sales made up more than half of those that qualified for the federal EV tax deduction in calendar 2019.

Buy Before July 1st, 2019
Those who have been shopping for or considering buying an electric vehicle in Massachusetts, or in any state if a Tesla is their choice, need to recognize that if they act this week they can save thousands in incentives that will otherwise be lost in just seven days.

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