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If you own a Toyota or Lexus and were affected by floods – read this

Toyota and Lexus want to help those who need help making payments.

Flood owners have enough to worry about without having to stress about making payments on a car that may have been destroyed by flooding. Toyota and Lexus understand this, and Toyota Financial Services and Lexus Financial Services are offering victims of flooding in Louisiana.

The help will be extended to those in the areas FEMA has designated as emergency flood areas. Lexus and Toyota are offering multiple ways for customers with leases or car loans. These include:
• extensions and lease deferred payments
• redirecting billing statements
• arranging phone or on-line payments

Toyota and Lexus have set up the following hotlines for their customers looking for help:
Toyota Financial Services customers may call (800) 874-8822 or contact TFS via email using the Mail Center function after logging into

Lexus Financial Services customers may call (800) 874-7050 or contact LFS via email using the Mail Center function after logging into
In a press release this week, Toyota and Lexus offered “…heartfelt thoughts to those affected by the natural disaster.” This is not the first time that Toyota has offered help to those who may have trouble making payments due to circumstances beyond their control. One other example of this type of outreach by Toyota was during the government shutdown of 2013.


Tabbatha (not verified)    August 25, 2016 - 9:32PM

Hello, My mother took her 2005 lexus jeep in for service and received a loaner car... Two days later my mother home was flooded and the loaner car was left behind due to being evacuated. My mother contact the lexus dealership explaining what happen that this was an historic flood and she is not in a flood zone...per lexus dealership they told her she was responsible and needed to file insurance claim...I don't feel this is right. my mom had no idea that it would flood and her neighborhood was not a flood my mom house was flooded with 2.5 feet of water and so was the car. She did not have flood insurance but homeowners insurance...her home is not livable and she has to pay for a loaner car that was not her fault but mother nature...can somebody help with this matter....

John Goreham    August 26, 2016 - 10:06AM

In reply to by Tabbatha (not verified)

Please keep it real. If your mother owns a Lexus it means she has car insurance. In most states that coverage extends to loaners. If it does not, the Lexus dealership will have coverage. The Lexus dealer has not asked your mother to pay for a loaner. According to your text above they have asked her to file an insurance claim. Let us know the end result.