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If You Are An Acura Fan, Don't Miss This Video

Acura has created a new video to celebrate the all-new MDX and review its origins.

To celebrate Acura's 35th anniversary and highlight the new 2022 MDX, Acura has created a video called “Origin Story.” The video is debuting across the brand’s social media channels. "Origin Story” will consist of a series of social videos that underscore Acura’s history of performance and the brand’s determination in challenging the status quo. Highlights include key performance events in Acura history, such as the 2022 MDX engine sharing some 400 components with the engine that powered Team Acura’s championship-winning racecar. The video will also highlight Acura’s decision to equip the MDX with its first-ever double-wishbone suspension as a commitment to performance and the Type S performance variant joining the MDX lineup later this year.

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Acura says that “Origin Story” reflects on Acura’s history as a challenger brand rooted in performance, along with its motorsports success on the track, and how that experience influences the brand’s on-road products. The narrative is uilt around the perspectives of Acura engineers and executives, past and present, and the video demonstrates how that heritage played a key role across four generations of MDX. Check out the video below to see more on Acura's "Origin Story."

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