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The Honda Yellow Triangle Exclamation VSA Light Just Came On - Here's What To Do

Honda's VSA light can warn you of a few things. Here's what to do if you see a yellow exclamation point inside a yellow triangle on your dash warning light display.

Every modern Honda has vehicle stability assist, also known as VSA. If your VSA warning light has just come on there are two main reasons why, and a third that is less likely, but that you should know about.

Vehicle stability assist is just what it sounds like. A system that Honda, and every automaker, uses to help you keep the vehicle under your control. It can do many things in certain risky situations that no driver can do. Like brake individual wheels, retard the engine power, and similar functions. These actions by the system can keep your car from skidding, from flipping over, and ultimately from crashing. The VSA system is also part of the traction control system and helps you get moving in slippery situations. Anti-lock braking and other related systems interact with VSA.

Honda VSA warning light

Your VSA Light Is On - Most Likely Cause
If you have just noticed that your yellow triangle surrounding an exclamation point VSA warning light has come on, the most likely cause is you shut the system off accidentally. In vehicles a few years old, the system has a manual button that you can press to shut the system off in certain situations. The button on the 2006 Honda Accord, for example, is down to the left of the steering wheel on the center dash about knee level. We have posted a picture at the top of the story. It is directly next to your sunroof controls if you have an Accord with a sunroof.

If you bump or brush or bump the button it may come on and the light is there to warn you that you have shut it off. Try pushing the button. If this is the reason it turned on, it will shut back off.

Your VSA Light Is On - Because Something Else Went Wrong
In many Hondas, when something in the general engine system goes awry, the vehicle also shuts off VSA. It then shows the warning light. If you have multiple lights lit up, it is not likely a VSA issue, but rather, the car just letting you know it shut off VSA temporarily until you fix the engine and clear the codes.

VSA Light On - You Got The Wrong Tires
Your Honda is watching your wheels go round and round and it is also recording the time each takes to rotate. If one or more of the tires is not going around at the right speed the VSA system is going to know about it. On comes the light. Honda tells you about a dozen times in its manual not to put different sized tires and wheels on your vehicle than that which it came with. If you did, the VSA light is on to tell you you did so. Why in the world would you change the size of the wheels and tires on your Honda? A team of highly educated, very well trained engineers picked the perfect size for your vehicle. Put back the right wheels and tires!

VSA Light On - VSA is Actually Broken
We spoke to Mark McMullen a mechanic in Millis Mass. at G&M Services who has decades of experience maintaining and fixing hondas. Mark tells us that he almost never sees a Honda with a VSA issue. He does have customers who have the light on, but usually for one of the above 3 reasons. So if yours is on, start above and work your way down. If you have no luck, it may be a problem with this system. You should have it serviced as soon as practical. The VSA system in your Honda is a potentially life-saving system you don't want to be without.

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I would talk to a maintenance tech to scan vehicle..modern vehicles are exclusively better off for seasoned Techs or UTI may be able to assist as they did work on some Hondas for free, to give Students practice..Just Sayin..Proud Veteran..
09 Odyssey touring. If the VSA & VSA Motor fuses are removed, Can vehicle be driven normally?
How can the VSA, system be bypassed?
light and check engine came on together. can fuses be removed to shut off vsa lights
I drive a Honda Odyssey touring 06. The VSA light comes on while driving but I park and shut down the engine. Starting it again, I allowed the engine to run for five minutes while on the same spot. On that same spot the VSA light came on again. What should I do. This is not the first time it's doing this. What is the solution please? Thanks.
The vsa light and engine light came on, on my mom's 2010 Honda Accord, acceleration was sluggish. I turned the car off, turned the key to second position, when the lights on the instrument panel come on then I press the gas pedal to the floor for a few seconds, then start. That turned the vsa light off and no more sluggish acceleration
Spot on. My fog lamps button is placed in that third slot next to the VSA button, and I turned them on in a driving rainstorm only to mis-hit once and turned off my VSA just when I needed it most.
Thank you so much. Had the light come on in a flood situation today.
Thank you! I got it to turn off thanks to your advice.. Saved me from a nervous breakdown!
Thank you so much! This was very helpful.
What if the check engine light is on too?
Good article... I do have a reason to not put the same size tires on. Daughter hit a giant size pot hole... tire was ruined. had to put this small spare on. Could not figure out why the lights. Took it too have the tire replaced.. Lights went out on the drive home. Now I know why. Everything is all good. Thank you for the information.
Please i am using 2012 honda civic. The VSA and EPS lights come on when i turn the steering wheels to the left. In most cases they stay of after starting the vehicle. But immediately i move there is this vibration in the brakes and the VSA WILL COME ON AND LATER THE EPS. WHAT ARE THE POSSIBLE CAUSES. PLEASE HELP ME. THANKS
This makes so much sense I had my back left tire changed and it was a cheapo tire and it kept going low and giving me an error eventually the vtm for light kept coming on as well as check engine and also the VSA light. When I had the code ran on my vehicle it showed it was the O2 sensor upstream or downstream as well as many websites telling me it had something to do with the rear differential.
I have a honda Accord Lx 2009 both my abs and vsa came on yesterday. I drove a today when I turned car on they came on stayed on within 4 blocks the went off and again back on. My brakes feel okay my back brakes may need changed so I had my brother run it threw a computer & it gave me the error code P0001 which is Fuel Volume Regulator Control. Im so confused I have an appt to get it looked it on Wed but until then im freaking myself out.
2009 CRV VSA and check engine light come on after about 1/2 mile of driving when the engine is cold. If I warm up for a few minutes before driving it doesn’t come on.
My comment is similar to the ones about tires, but is about tire pressure. I had a low pressure light and tried to drive in 10 in of snow. No VSA was horrible. Managed to get home and borrowed a portable compressor. Fixed the low tire and evened the pressure on all 4. No problems since.
I have a 2006 honda accord,v-6.My vsa and check engine light came on,was traveling and the accelarating went back and forth,made it home okay,what is the problem..
My vsa light is on And power steering light what should I do
I have a 2006 Honda Pilot my VSA light isn't always on but I can be driving in a straight line down the road and the acceleration will cut out and the light will be flashing or if I take off from a stop sign normally to make a turn it'll start flashing and I won't be able to accelerate. If I manually turn VSA off with the VSA off button I don't have these issues.
Thanks, this was really helpful! I must have hit the switch accidentally. I did what you total me and it worked. The light went out. Again thanks, Michelle
I had the rack and pinion replaced on my 2005 Honda Pilot, afterwards the cruise control and horn did not work. After I brought the vehicle back to have that corrected, the VSA triangle with ! came on as well as the VSA light. Could replacing the rack and pinion cause the VSA system to malfunction? Do they just need to reset the codes?
I have a 2004 Acura TL and my VSA and Triangle light just started coming on recently and when it does my brakes in all 4 wheels starts to seize up and the car doesn't want to move. How Can I fix this cause it's happening everytime I drive the car now and the wheels get so hot. I don't drive it anymore.