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Fire Risk Forces Mazda To Issue Stop-sale Order On 2014-2016 CX-5

A serious recall on the CX-5 is underway.

Mazda has ordered its dealers to stop selling all 2014-2016 CX-5 crossovers due to a concern of fire in rear-impact crashes. Mazda’s recall website explains the situation, saying “A defect in the fuel shut-off valve may allow fuel to flow into the charcoal canister. If the fuel exceeds the canister capacity, fuel leakage could occur, increasing the risk of a fire and/or engine stalling.”

You can check your Mazda to see it it affected by the current recall by clicking here.

Mazda posted a note on its media website saying “If a customer has concerns about driving their vehicle before the repair is available, dealers will offer a free loaner, demo, or rental vehicle.” Consumer Reports notes that the 2013 model is not included (same generation).

Fire recalls are not uncommon. Ford’s Escape had recalls including a fire risk recall. Affordable cars are not the only ones to have such recalls. Even Tesla’s Model S, the luxury electric car, had one of its rare recalls due to fire risk.